New Music: Amerie – ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’


Amerie is back on her A-game. The singer, who recently got engaged to her longtime manager, drops The Inkredibles-produced single “Who’s Gonna Love You,” boasting her distinctive funk-pop sound and brash energy.

The bride-to-be exclusively revealed to that the follow-up to last year’s In Love & War will be titled Cymatica Vol. 1. Cymatics, derived from the Greek word wave, means the study of visible sound and vibration.

No release date has been set, but A did previously tell us that she wants to incorporate her newly-acquired guitar skills on the project. Watch her in action!

Download: Amerie – “Who’s Gonna Love You”

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  1. Mikey Martini

    I love Amerie! This song is a banger & I still to this day don’t understand why she’s not as big as she should be. Wake up people!


  2. AJ

    i like!! ight A, i like that run/ yodel thing toward the end of the song! she jus put out a randon song…is it a new single or what?


  3. rejeeha

    I Love Amerie And Her Music and I Love this Track Amerie is the best she said Be Bigger Than a lot of these artist in the Game


  4. Dante

    Love love love this track. Amerie never disappoints, always doing it for her fans. Gotta love her for that.


  5. Phoenix_Wright

    A big fan, but I’m not feeling this at all. Sounds like it is missing a lot. We need more songs from her that show off her vocal ability, lately she hasn’t been making much songs that do that. At least this isn’t a single or expected to be on any album.


  6. i.d

    im a huge amerie fan, but this is serverly lacking in ALL departments
    everything from the vocals to the production
    i hope this isnt representitve of the new album


  7. i.d

    & i LOVE the new album name


  8. 100% Nikehead

    This is a decent track not amazing but its a good buzz song to give out to the people. In Love and War was so slept on and i think people really missed out on a really incredible album. Hopefully this time around Amerie will find singles that will catch people on and will do very well on the charts. All she needs is that BIG first single and its a wrap from there. Something Radio friendly and catchy but still Ameries style.


  9. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas)

    Very nice.


  10. Billy

    I’m an Amerie fan, but her last album was a total disaster. This song puts her back on the right track, I hope!


  11. Shamn

    Yeah its a decent track, I hope its just the starter track or buzz single. Because the 1st single has to be way out of this world. I love the title of the album. Amerie always comes back with amazing albums but the buzz single right here is just ok. I just so ready for that album!


  12. KennMaraj

    Wow. . . cant wait for this one. I loved her last CD “In Love & War” & that was my first time actually listening to her music. So if the last one was real good , this one should be interesting too.


  13. Piesa noua Amerie - "Who's Gonna Love You" |

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  14. Maya What

    Guess who’s back? I’m feelin it go Amerie.


  15. AKA

    Nice song!!!


  16. Kev

    WIFEY’S BACK!!!!!! I love love love this woman she never disappoints. I could only listen to the first 30 secs here but I just love anything she does. I’mma need for her to go back to her All I Have roots tho, that album was DOPE. I still love “Need You Tonight” and “Nothing Like Loving You.” And I REALLY hope she reunites with Rich Harrison, they have mad chemistry. Kind of like Aaliyah and Timbaland, Janet Jackson and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis or Brandy and Rodney Jerkins. Come hard Amerie!! Love the album title too, very creative. She’s such as artist.


  17. Jordyn

    I love it and as many know I am Amerie’s biggest fan. I just want her to come harder on the first single. I wish she would go back in the studio with Rich Harrison. Amerie + Rich Harrison = Hot, different, urban SMASH. I miss there old sound so much.


  18. MusicatedOne

    Amerie fan here..but rap-up honestly this is not gonna cut it! Just real talk! I agree with whoever said what is missing is the vocals her fans grew to love. Her vocals sound flat and amateur-ish…the production is hot and the song is cool but give this to someone like Janelle Monae and she will blow it out the ball park. She goes in and BEYOND with her vocals, artistry, writing etc….Amerie DID NOT GO IN on this song that way most of her fans know she can.

    We need vocal growth this album AMERIE!! The screaming aggressive tracks are cool n all..but can you show people that’s not ALL YOU CAN DO???……….

    Real Fan


  19. math_

    gosh, how can i love everything this woman does? can’t wait for Cymatica Vol. 1!


  20. chet

    i LOVE amerie to death and truly feel she’s prob the most underrated artist of the decade, but this song is not the business. amerie, come harder because i know you can. and fire your fiancee/manager.


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  22. Kyle

    I love the concept of the album title. Amerie’s at her best on the up-tempo cuts. I loved her last album “In Love& War” and I know she’ll bring it once again on the new album.


  23. Wesley

    Amerie is so dope.
    For the haters here i got to say that this song is not decent or bad but amazing just stop hating or disliking cuz that makes no sens
    this song is great


  24. Meow

    it sucks her album didn’t get the recognition it deserved…because it def. was one of the better albums this year.

    I don’t get why amerie isn’t as famous as she should be…she def. has the look, unique sound, can dance..maybe she don’t prance around half naked in every video…i just don’t know…maybe its “it” factor…


  25. RNW

    I love this, she seems to get the cutsey summer songs down pack. So anxious to what the new album will sound like!


  26. Harvey

    So we got new a Amerie album to look forward to? Shoot, I’m not complaining. I love her.


  27. fi

    almost every person commenting says and knows how underrated she is. she is one of the most underrated artists of the last decade in R&B.
    she has the fire, class, sex appeal and presence of Jody Watley in 1990!
    I love her so much and i am so privileged 2 b an amerie fan!


  28. elchica

    I love Amerie she like many R&B singer now is a underdog its all about dance pop music. But people fail to realize its not all about sells, I think Amerie has amazing talent sometimes she may not choose the best songs for the album but I wish her the best and will be anticipating her next album!


  29. Dillon_68

    This woman’s style has been preserved from her early days, this sounds like a throwback. Matter fact, her whole last album had that vintage swagger to it. I love Amerie.=)


  30. Mike

    If we all know how underrated she is, let’s do something about it! I don’t understand how “Why R U” wasn’t a huge hit, it was seriously one of the most played songs on my ipod last summer. People need to support her, she actually has talent unlike half of the artists on the Billboard Hot 100.


  31. lilmisseudegayl

    OMG i lovvve this songgg it is sooo sick, i absolutely love the sound of amerie’s voice and the background beat is amazing, i cant wait 4 the album to drop ;)


  32. MissKobebaby

    i love this song so much. Why is Amerie so underrated? Why I mean why? I just don’t get it


  33. Roscoe

    This is dope right here. Amerie is back and will forever be the best singer out there.


  34. Kev

    That’s what’s up :) 2nd most read topic of the week


  35. Roscoe

    ^^^ I know right. Amerie has the fans and haters interested. YES!


  36. Dave

    Amerie is that chick, love this song!


  37. i.d

    I hope she comes HARD on this album
    let the creative juices flow!


  38. ponyo

    i have respect for that woman


  39. zoocoos

    Well at first listen it was pretty mediocre, doesn’t sound like it touches some of the better material Amerie puts out, like Touch, One Thing, Swag Back or Why R U. But after a few listen, I can’t get enough and keep hitting replay, it can be a nice catchy summer tune. Will do well ONLY if there’s enough airplay support and marketing, which she tends to not get much always. Sad.


  40. Kev

    I had to come back again and say that I’m feelin this joint. It’s definitely on par with Amerie’s swag. I just need her to push herself out here with or without Def Jam’s support and have Rich drop them wannabe rich girls and lay some tracks for her! I need to hear them go back to the studio together. And now this is #1 MOST READ, A’s doin it!!


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