M.I.A. Champions Madonna

M.I.A. and Madonna

She may not be a Lady Gaga fan, but M.I.A. is a staunch supporter of another pop superstar. The “XXXO” singer shares her admiration for Madonna in a new interview.

“Madonna is the one,” M.I.A. tells The New York Times Magazine of the pop icon. “Madonna did amazing songs. She had an amazing sense of style, without a stylist. And she was flawed, and sometimes she admitted it.”

While others including Justin Bieber may bear the brunt of her comments, M.I.A. feels a connection to her rebellious peer. “I’ll fight the fight for Madonna,” she says. “I think she should send me some chocolates or something to thank me.”

As for Gaga, who M.I.A. blasted in a previous interview, her dislike is so strong that she can’t even stand to hear babies speak the four letters that make up her name. “It’s upsetting when babies say ga-ga now. It used to be innocent. Now, they’re calling her name.”

M.I.A.’s third album /\/\/\Y/\ is due July 13, while another offering from the project, “Steppin’ Up,” is set to hit iTunes next month.

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  1. ed

    The NYTIMES article about her is really great.
    Now I know she just some stupid wannabe ghetto bitch with a billionaire husband.


  2. Juno

    wack bitch!


  3. Really?

    Oh so money take away one’s credibility then? What about most of the people we read about on this website? You can be wealthy and still have a political message.


  4. Ghetto Fab

    MIA is a person and has the right to say whatever the hell she wants. She is entitled to her opinion just like others are. She is right though, Madonna is the ultimate Female Pop Icon. After her I can only name Janet Jackson as the other. But that is pretty much it. Those two are pop royalty. Everyone else will be forgotten!


  5. mesouth

    what NYT wrote is not the truth. The journalist tried to describe m.i.a. in a way that is not real tho it didn’t express any explicit opionion about her. NYT is tryin to avenge because m.i.a. is hungry for an old story about sri lanka and nyt.

    you think u know but u don’t have no idea.

    M.I.A. is real talk, tha truth.


  6. Casey

    ^^ you’re taking her word over theirs, but you don’t know yourself. none of us can confidently speak on it b/c we weren’t there. remember, there are 2 sides to every story.


  7. VaunTV

    i fuck w/ MIA


  8. Dave

    DAMN! I was hoping for Christina Aguilera, *sigh* oh well… I like Madonna


  9. mike

    i think it’s starting to be upsetting how she disses Gaga, i dont think Gaga gives a fuck about her tacky sense of music!!
    M.I.A. is just jealous Gaga stole the show in about 1 year and now she’s considered the most influential artist acording to Times magazine


  10. GangsterA

    I love M.i.a tell em girl


  11. Kevin

    She’s great! A real maverick; along with Madonna. Gaga’s cool and all but people do blow her up and talk about her like she’s the second coming of Jesus Christ. I applaud anyone that has the nerve to say something that people aren’t. And in this case people are upset but not because Gaga isn’t good but because M.I.A. won’t be claimed as yet another Gaga fan.


  12. bitch

    Okay I am sick and I am tired of people saying that everyone is jealous of Lady Gaga and first Christina Aguilera was supposdely jealous of her then Madonna then Britney then MIA Lady Gaga ladies and gentlemen is a new artist wow just dance poker face papparazzi then bad romance love game telephone now alejandro just becasue she came out of the blue in 2008 and her songs are cathy dosent mean taht makes her some sort of an icon Madonna been around for almost three decades people Lady gaga two years okay.


  13. fi

    all od those young bitches need to go back to vintage madonna, sit and take notes.
    and i mean alllllll of them included beyonce, gaga, xtina, britney and co
    she was fierce when the word was not overused, she had something to say and she walked the walk and did not talk the talk
    she is the mother of pop
    prince is the father



  14. da

    i really hate that people are still blinded by gaga and hating on M.i.a. i will admit i was blinded for a bit. but was always a maya fan. lady gaga is nothing new. she doesn’t have a story. where did she come from? money$$$$$ she sings and brings what “we” thought was new and great but it’s really not. she is another product and is capitalizing on the whole “gay” thing( MIA now she represents the gays and all the minorities without having to exploit it)
    m.i.a. is the underground she the platform on which gaga stepped up from. let us not forget she to was on times most influential people as well. why? cuz she showing the world for what it is. issues that involve us the world. yes she may be getting the short end of the stick for being outspoken, she’s the most punk thing out there. so go listen to gaga if you are looking for mindless pop music but if u want something with substance listen to M.I.A. she know where she stands and she knows who came before her.


  15. NM

    Comparing Lady Gaga to M.I.A. is like comparing shit to gold. M.I.A. is so fucking amazing and talented, her music is so relevant & actually has strong meaningful & political messages to it. Lady Gaga is just a pointless talentless ugly tranny who rips off all her ideas from other much more talented artists & entertainers. Big ups to M.I.A. for her comments about Madonna. Madonna is a fucking legend, and the one and only Queen Of Pop. I love love love Madonna.


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