50 Cent: Drake Allowed to Do Things I’m Not

50 Cent and Drake

Drake has taken the hip-hop world by storm with his mixtape So Far Gone and much-buzzed-about debut Thank Me Later. Someone who knows a thing or two about creating buzz is 50 Cent, who exploded onto the scene in 2003 with his breakthrough album Get Rich or Die Tryin’. So we went to 50, now a seasoned vet, to get his thoughts on hip-hop’s latest sensation.

While he gives props to his younger peer, he points out the pass that Drake has been given to create more melodic music. “The things that he’s able to do are things that I’m not permitted to do ’cause of the perception of me,” he explains to Rap-Up.com.

Find out if 50 desires to go down the R&B path and whether he would be up for a collaboration with October’s Very Own.

What do you think about Drake?
I don’t really. I guess he’s cool. He has momentum with his music, but the things that he’s able to do are things that I’m not permitted to do ’cause of the perception of me. The aggression in my music is translated the strongest and they expect that from me every time. It kinda works for me and works against me at different points. [Drake's] a great singer also; we like the part when he starts to sing on the chorus. He just put out a whole R&B song ["Find Your Love"]—like there’s no rap on it, it’s just an R&B record. That is what Kanye West was permitted to do with 808s & Heartbreak, to make a complete love song or an R&B record. I won’t be permitted to do that because they expect me to kill someone on the song. They just want that from me because I’ve had that type of energy in my actual experience and they feel like it’s special or authentic in some way when I offer that.

Would you want to do an R&B record?
Not an R&B record, but just music that has those melodies in it. I probably wouldn’t perform the singing portion of the songs, but to make an album like that, yeah, it would be cool.

Are you open to a collaboration with Drake?
Yeah, why not? He’s talented. I ain’t taking nothing away from his talent and Kanye too. We never had any issues with me saying they weren’t talented artists. It was more of a conscious decision to compete [with Kanye] to stir up some energy.


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  1. Thank Me Later Fan

    Glad 50 is not bitter about Drake.
    Drake is crazy,and a lot more lyrical than 50.
    But 50 is very talented too.


    Better than you Reply:

    @Thank Me Later Fan, Look at what you said: “Drake is crazy, and a lot more lyrical than 50.” Man, I’m sorry, you’re saying that a spoiled son of Toronto, who always got what he wanted, is more lyrical than a guy who really suffered to have what has? You really don’t know nothing about Hip-Hop, nothing about music.


  2. The Massacre

    50 Cent Feat Kanye West ? Say What ?…Ohh God,That’s Probably The Biggest Thing To Ever Happen To Hip-Hop Since Their Battle In 2007.


  3. TVA

    50 put himself in that box with the Ja Rule beef. Folks gave Ja the pass to sing (horribly) on records and make melodic music and then 50 beat him over the head with the pass and said “No you aren’t allowed to do that if you said you are all this and have a company named Murder Inc.” So now you are held to that same standard…. because you made it the standard.


  4. Pinoy

    50 knows that Drake got the juice now.
    50 is over in music business, he might just keep on doing movies instead.


    Young Eagle Reply:

    @Pinoy, Hey boy

    50 has done what Dre & Eminem were afraid of doing. Drake is not an issue to 50 when it comes to hip hop. Bet thank God they friendly


  5. Allen

    Bring On The 50, Drake & Kanye Song Or Album That Would Be A Grate Thing To See In 2010 or 2011


  6. cubevision

    50 is gonna come for drake on his next album i’m prepared to bet money on it. 50 loves to attack whoevers the hottest out so he can keep relevant. remember i told you


  7. 2011k


    F.Y.I.: Drake is not everything people say he is; 2010′s most overrated artist, definitely….


  8. Dee

    Is 50 forgetting that he dissed Ja Rule for doing it, which neither should have been doing in the first place. Not a fan of Drake doing it either, I think his hype is desperation on the part of hip hop fans.


  9. Kim

    I agree with 2011k, I don’t get all the hype about Drake. He just does nothing for me :|


  10. Billy

    I personally think 50 makes himself sound jealous and ignorant in this interview.

    Claiming he’s not “permitted” to make an R&B track? All artists help create their image. If there’s an expectation “to kill someone on the song” as he says, then it’s his own doing for creating songs his entire career that established that precedent.


  11. Keith_Rags

    uhhh. 21 questions? c’mon son.


  12. bbq


    You are so right. 50 gave himself that image. I swear he’s beefed with almost everyone in hip-hop. And then he wonders why he can’t do the same things, or make the same music, or work with different like Drake and Kanye are able. It’s because they didn’t build their careers on tearing someone else’s apart. But karma is a bitch I guess. Because now his career has hit the skids and aint nobody checking for him. So cry all you want 50. It won’t work. Nobody cares


  13. PW

    Drakes album was boring. Shut it down was the only track that I really liked.
    If I want to listen to some Young Money shit.. I just go back to Carter III


  14. sgio

    finelly 50 say someting good about somebody
    and not diss somebody (lil wayne & kanye west)


  15. E_


    your wrong there, 50 is still a force in the
    music biz, he is not as big as he was in 02-07,but
    we the right material, he can regain that statues.


  16. Holly

    50 Cent is better than this geek. He has Lloyd Banks and the whole the G-Unit crew. Hardcore hip hop is the shit. 50, go back and that type of music again.


  17. Sophie

    50 can beat Drake any day!


  18. Joyams

    50 cent notices that playin the bad guy and beefin everybody makes him sell less so he begins to talk nicely. He’s a jealous and fake artist.


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  21. Matt

    50 is obviously extremely bitter. I don’t think 50 cent has the lyrical capability or talent to pull off Drake’s melodic sound. People have the perception that 50 can’t do melodic music because he can’t. All he knows how to do is rap about the same old shit.


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