Video: 2010 MTV Movie Awards Highlights

Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, and Snoop Dogg

MTV is known for its outrageous awards shows and this year’s MTV Movie Awards didn’t disappoint. But how do you top last year when Sacha Baron Cohen aka Bruno landed ass first in Eminem’s face? By getting Tom Cruise to bust some moves to Ludacris’ “Get Back” and then have a dance off with Jennifer Lopez.

Plus, Christina Aguilera gave us a peek of her heart-shaped “Woohoo” and Katy Perry surfed the stage during her sun-kissed performance of “California Gurls” with Snoop Dogg.

All that and more below!

Christina Aguilera Performs “Bionic,” “Not Myself Tonight,” and “Woohoo”

Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg Perform “California Gurls”

Tom Cruise Performs with Jennifer Lopez and Ludacris

Aziz Ansari Parodies R. Kelly

Justin Bieber Introduces Aziz Ansari

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  1. dee

    Justin Bieber announcing the host wasn’t a highlight that was a low……..very low part of the show


  2. CeCe

    ^^ did his appearance just make you sooooo angry that you absolutely had to post that comment? sad.


  3. P

    Let’s all say her name; X-X-X-T-T-T-I-I-I-N-N-N-A.
    WHAT a performance. She sings so good, live.


  4. Cameo

    @CeCe… Yes it did make us angry… is a pointless irrelevant human being… Plus it really doesn’t take much time to post a comment. Did it make you so angry that you had to reply to his … yes that is sad… and it made me mad… other then that I just really enjoy making people angry on here because they are ridiculously dumb lol….

    @P… Can we say wash up?! She was lip sinking and had so much backtracking it wasn’t really her… sorry to disappoint. She just needs to be more original and stop begging for attention.

    and Aziz what ever his name is…he is just really annoying and I have no want or need to like him.. He is not funny and tries way to hard. I don’t think I have wanted to punch anyone other then him and Justin Bieber so hard in the face.

    Katy Perry’s performance was amazing though. Full of energy and fun. I liked it a lot…. and what a shocker that Twilight won everything… what a joke hahahaha


  5. Dean

    Love Christina’s performance !!! She did a very good job.

    @Cameo… What’s ur problem? everybody have an opinion… Who are U to reply to all commnets?


  6. WOW

    Tom Cruise, Ludacris, Jennifer Lopez had the most interesting and entertaining performance.


  7. juicyBear

    BIJ xtina went the fuck off on that performance!!


  8. Mia

    Xtina did an amazing job. I seriously loved her performance. She gave so much energy and Woohoo and Bionic are both hot songs. Definitely picking up her new cd.

    Katy Perry’s performance was cute. But her boobs kept distracting me, lol. Overall the performance was nice, even though I’m not a huge fan of the song.

    And Tom was funny and J.Lo still got it. Shes a hot dancer.


  9. Pinoy

    Katy Perry just got 2 show her boobs like that cause that will make the song famous.


  10. Jay

    CUZ I GOT A GREAT WOOHOO!! totally can’t wait to buy Bionic tomorrow!! ahhhh she smoked that ish.


  11. Dizzle

    LOOOOOOOL Tom Cruse n Jennifer lopez KILLED it nough love to them xx


  12. Lisa

    Christina delivered the best performance of the night. Definitely getting her album since it hits stores tomorrow.


  13. Pliss



  14. ouchhh!

    katy perry + dancing = a bad idea.


  15. modjo

    the hottest performance of the night was for TOM AKA JLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she is gr8 performer … they killed the show ..


  16. Anillos de boda

    po ‘di originalit�. lavoro utile per portare qualcosa di nuovo da rete!


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