Album Cover: T.I. – ‘King Uncaged’

King Uncaged

T.I. unleashes the beast on the black-and-white cover of his seventh studio album King Uncaged, roaring into stores August 17. “I am trying to outdo everything that I’ve done,” the Lion King told Rap-Up TV about the set, which may feature collaborations with Lady Gaga and Eminem, along with the singles “Yeah Ya Know (Takers)” and the Keri Hilson-assisted “Got Your Back.” Watch our red carpet interview with Tip and go behind the cover shoot below.

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  1. Creat1ve

    I’m feelin’ this album cover! It’s not too much and not too little, just perfect.


  2. Will

    I think the lion should be in color that would be way better. And there should be text that says T.I. – King Uncaged


  3. Dizzle

    Hmmm could be betta?? ¬_¬


  4. Geoff

    Lol, that’s one dumb ass cover. :D


  5. Really

    Lame!!! You guys took the words out of my mouth. Nothing more to say.


  6. Ghetto Fab

    Lame Lame Lame and Lame. So predictable. Try getting a real lion and putting on a suit. That would have turned this album from a zero into a hero. If he had a suit and a more grand chair then it would be hot. They should have created a chair specially for him. One that had T.I. or ATL etched into it. Then have him in a suit with a crown made specially for him. Have him sitting down holding a leash with a real lion sitting beside him. Now that would be a real cover.

    This shit is just lazy!


  7. Thrills Mc Nasty

    ^ Lolll this dude said try putting the lion in a suit.


  8. Mr C To Tha B

    yeah it’s kinda lazy zone like Ghetto Fab mentioned


  9. newii_babbiii

    omg this ablum is taking to slow to come out like i want to by this cd like crazy


  10. newii_babbiii

    by the way t.i. looking goog in that picture above goddammm i love hi sstyle like carzy but …any way later ………


  11. listen

    This album cover looks like the art director doesn’t even care. Its like they took the photo of T.I., got a stock image of a lion and just put the two together without doing any resizing or anything. The lion looks huge as hell next to Tip, its not even porportionate and it looks incomplete. I know u shouldn’t base a book by its cover, but I don’t think this album will do better than the previous. I don’t hear anyone talking about this project like that.


  12. Chase

    I think it’s a great album cover. Somebody on here said it’s needs to say King Uncaged for what? Like you ain’t gonna know what album it is when you buy (or download) the shit. 2nd best cover I seen so far this year next to Last Train To Paris.


  13. parisian HBIC

    WTF is this?-__-”


  14. Kels

    What is the name of her sneakers ??? Prada i think but where its possible to find it ?


  15. JD

    Ummmm….its ok. really boring looking.


  16. Phoenix_Wright

    It’s ok

    I just love how he still calls himself the “KING” (sarcasm). He is popular, but definitely is not so impressive to be even called the King of anything. He the King of his household and that is about it.


  17. K

    I love it.


  18. LShea

    I really like it, and I’m not a T.I. fan. Too bad some people don’t understand subtlety. If it looked like Fantasy Ride or something like that people’d be saying it’s hot. Smhlol


  19. GangsterA

    Good cover nothing to scream about


  20. Darion

    I can’t wait until this album hit the shelves.


  21. kani k.

    i love t.i. but this cover is like.. lol


  22. Rozey

    Mean Can’t Wait 4 The Album To Come Out In New Zealand!


  23. 4RINA

    I love T.I he is my Man


  24. Samantha

    one word photoshoped :D


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