Eminem Ignites Albums Chart with Biggest Debut of the Year


Eminem not only experienced a personal Recovery, but he’s given the music industry a boost as well. The rapper explodes into the No. 1 spot on the albums chart this week with his seventh studio effort.

Em’s Recovery moved 741,000 copies on the Billboard 200 in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. This is largest sales week for a single album since AC/DC’s Black Ice debuted with 784,000 in October 2008, reports Billboard.

Recovery outperformed last year’s Relapse, which opened at No. 1 with 608,000, and becomes Eminem’s sixth straight No. 1 debut. He claims the runner-up position to Jay-Z among hip-hop acts with the most No. 1 albums.

It won’t be long before Em’s collaboration with Rihanna, “Love the Way You Lie,” hits No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Alex Da Kid production sold 338,000 downloads to debut at No. 1 on the Digital Songs chart. His first single “Not Afraid” narrowly surpassed that figure with 379,000 in May.

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  1. who better

    The album is a 9/10 any hip hop head should give it a listen.


  2. dead92

    Now these are sum real numbers F%@* young money…eminem is the best!


  3. Pinoy

    Recovery is a great album, never thought that Em would ever come back but he did it big time.


  4. g3

    damn Em is the man everytime he drops an album its str8 to number and pushes big numbers i aint mad at em


  5. g3

    ^i meant #1


  6. Jarvis

    HOLDING IT DOWN FOR DETROIT! Eminem hot album


  7. lover and fighter



  8. philly11

    HOt HOT album…haven’t stopped playing it yet! Real f*ckin hip hop wins…Lovin it!! Check that Roots album 2!!


  9. Ukraine_man

    At this time Recovery is the better album since 2002. I live on the european continent and i’d like to want photo together with him(m.mathers bruse). Sorry for my mistakes.) i’ll be proud for you forever! Shady’s music is a crazy paradise for me! Em if you feelin my suffers please come to Ukraine! You can take part in one concert in Kyiv, it’s my dream!Haha muthafucks)


  10. Michelle

    @lover and fighter it easilly will be th album of the year, because if you look at upcomming releases, no one will even make up 300k. Shady is the truth, plus he didn’t get as much publicity as artists such as Drake.


  11. shakez3

    carter IV and Good Ass Job should beat this..nevertheless this is a tight ass cd..congrats em


  12. Bizzy G.

    Eminem is back 741.000K is what I expected from him I’m glad that his new album sold well..

    Congratz Em you deserved it bigtime!


  13. Aviwe

    I just wana say this 2 my man he should consider commin 2 South Africa its a great country and all, we support u Eminem 100%. Cnt wait 2 get my hands on ur copy.


  14. ewrhwehewh

    ghter it easilly will be th album of the year, because if you look at upcomming releases, no one will even make up 300k.

    === g i f t 2 w a t c h .[c o m] ===

    159 [u - s- d] [r -o - l- e- x] [o - m- e- g- a] [g -u - c- c- i] [e - d] [g -u -c -c - i] [w - a- t- c- h]

    [b -e -s -t ] [g -i -f - t] [f -o - r] [y -o -u - r] [p -e -o -p - l- e]

    === g i f t 2 w a t c h .[c o m] ===


  15. Mike

    There’s NO way that Kayne’s album nor even Lil Wayne’s next album will push these kind of sales. Eminem is the only rapper alive right now that can get these kind of record sales.


  16. irishman

    Eminem is the greatest emcee of all time, Eminem has been gone for a while but the flows haven’t deminished. Have checked out the freestyles on westwood, or the freestyle on recovery? All in all em is back for the taking.


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