Lil’ Kim Eyes Rihanna Collaboration

Lil' Kim and Rihanna

Lil’ Kim may not get along with Nicki Minaj, but there’s one female pop star who she would love to work with. Hip-hop’s queen of raunch hints at a new collaboration with pop provocateur Rihanna.

The Queen Bee released her own remix to Rihanna’s “Hard,” but reveals that another pairing could be in the works. “I’m a huge Rihanna fan, and she’s a friend of mine, so if I had to guess, I’m 90% sure that song is probably in the works,” she told Australian website Lifelounge.

But Kim, who’s currently playing intimate shows in the U.S. and abroad, doesn’t want people to judge the song before it happens. “I look at it this way: if it happens, it happens. And it should be a surprise. It shouldn’t be something that people are anticipating, or have their own personal opinions on it before it even comes out. So I probably won’t ever mention that again.”

Although she may have choice words for Diddy and Drake, it’s all love when it comes to RiRi. “I just love Rihanna, I think she’s great,” gushed Kim.

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  1. Crying Like a B

    Rihanna is thehottest out right now….This will be fiyah


  2. JD



  3. Yes

    lil kim > nicki minaj



    Wow, and Rihanna was just announced yesterday to be featured on David Guettas new single off the rerelease of his album! Somebody is about to have the charts on lock big time!


  5. Mya

    Rihanna is the what the Hottest? lmao! Rihanna can’t even sale 1 million copies in the States can’t even sale 2.5 million worldwide 8 months later ROCKSTAR is the BIGGEST flop of the Year. Her Tour is a Flop. If that’s what you call hot I would HATE to see what’s NOT!


  6. Lil’ Kim Eyes Rihanna Collaboration –

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  7. savin grace

    i guess we found r “one in five comments is a hater”
    ^^^^^^^^^^Mya sweetheart its 2010, i dont know how old yu r but go find something else to do rather than stan… if ur gonna hate at least have good facts and don’t use wikipedia or blogs as urs


  8. Trey

    No, Kim.
    It’s going to be Nicki and RiRi in the studio with a hot fam.
    I want Queen Bee to be quiet until she puts out some new music or do something other than dissing her fellow female rappers or proclaiming to “pay homage.”
    She’s talking to much. Shut up and make music.

    Princess Nicki!!!


  9. Mya

    savin grace



  10. Jor

    *rolls eyes* i have a hard time believing anything Kim says these days.


  11. Dizzle

    Mya^^^ ur still dumb!! RiRi still makin more money than you will in a thousand year u skank stop hatin it aint RIGHT!!


  12. Joyams

    One word : retirement.


  13. savin grace

    @Dizzle…thank you…got tired of puttin up wit da dumb haters





  15. Dizzle

    Lol no probs @savin grace….i dislike skanks like that try’na hate on ppl its so unnecessary god! sigh* aha.


  16. rexy

    @Dizzle how many money are you making? I would love to know.


  17. golong


    her tour isnt a flop. she sold out MSG and some other places i dont give a shit about. And Rockstar didnt even flop, cause they never released the Single on Radio/TV…… they gave up on the single after the video was on VEVO.


  18. takeAdrinkHaters

    Lil kum wh0re..! g0 back where u came fr0m. And st0p hating 0n 0ther artist u delusional be0tch.. ur time was up 6 yrs ag0 u FL0P. and u certainly aint Beyonce or Nicki and what makes u think u can get a colab with Rihi after that drama u started? ugly Knt


  19. MB92

    Rihanna’s voice is so relevant it fits well with almost and genre of music. i know thats off topic but i had to say. i hope this collabo is hot


  20. Diamond Girl

    It is pure fact that damn near every collaboration that Rihanna is attached too is a monster smash and billboard scorcher..Album sales don’t always reflect a good album. so no need to compare. Rihanna has star quality Mya and the rest of these pathetic stans just need to face it..She just won’t let up!!


  21. Jacq


    ummm…all her albums went platinum except Good Girl Gone Bad, which went 2x platinum. & uhhh…her American tour has been verified 86% sold out, including shows at the Staples Center (LA), Vancouver, & Madison Square Garden (New York City) completely sold out…next, if you check then you notice ALL of her collaborations that were released as singles entered the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100, with one peaking at número uno…& finally, Rockstar 101 was released (along with Te Amo) as international airplay singles, NOT official singles for the U.S.

    …I know you’re not a hater…you’re just a dummy


  22. Trey


    Rockstar 101 was serviced to Mainstream and Rhythmic radio last month, check or’s airplay archives. It never caught on to radio. Its like fifty-something on Mediabase’s mainstream airplay.

    Sorry RiRi fans but ya’ll keep coming up with excuses for reasons R101 wasn’t a flop.


  23. Trey


    Also, Run This Town and LTWYL reached #2, and Live Your Live #1, but Maroon 5′s “If I Never See Your Face Again” featuring Rihanna only reached 51 in the US


  24. WhatTheF

    @Trey of course Nicki MiKimClone is gonna try to do a song with Queen Rihanna now because she wants to copy off the best!


  25. WhatTheF

    @Jacq stop being a retard. “Rockstar 101″ is a US single, but it’s flopping. Get your facts straight.

    But she’s still the queen and is featured one of the top songs in the world right now.



  26. WAP

    @Jacq te amo amd r101 were released as us singles stop lying, because rihanna daily had download days and constantly tells fans to request on radio and buy on itunes.As for the tour its doing ok, four dates have already been caancelled and tickets are still available, last night i went to her show in vancouver and tickets were still available.

    Anyways hope the collab works out and turns out good.


  27. WhatTheF

    @WAP you’re another idiot. “Rockstar 101″ was released in the US only, while “Te Amo” was released internationally. Half of y’all dummies talk shit without getting ya facts straight.



  28. Dizzle

    LOL pure madness R101 was only release in tha US i dont no why she choose that song but only god knows lol…i was hoping for Fire Bomb ¬_¬ didnt get it sigh*…..and te amo was internation dnt know why she choose that song aswell…i swear it came out in 2008?? :S lol…i love RiRi but them last 2 song she choose for single SMH…BUT “Love tha way you lie” is in top 10 charts in most countries :D altho it aint her song she still got rated for it :) RiRi 4life still!!…& oh yh Haters Stay Mad!! cnt believe i wrote so much i never do that :/ lool


  29. Trey

    @WhatTheF is right R101 was US, Te Amo international.

    Anyway, Nicki is on her grind right now doing her thing preparing for her album.
    So a jam with PRINCESS Rihanna and the Nickster would be on point.
    But I’m hoping Nicki and C Breezy come out with a hit.


  30. BowChickaWahWah

    I’m so over Lil Kim.


  31. bjksolo



  32. Crying Like a B

    Since you all talking about Rihanna flopping what about Chris Brown, Ciara, Keri Hilson? How much did they sell? Come on now tell me since you all think Rihanna is doing so bad, She is more successful than all those artist combined.


  33. Rhino

    I want the old Rihanna back! (from MOTS, AGLM, and the first four singles from GGGB). That one made me smile…The new one makes me throw up.

    Chris Brown saw what was happening to her too, and he likewise wanted the old her back…


  34. Trey

    @Crying Like a B
    Ok, all of those artists combined are wayy more successful than Rihanna by herself.
    I think Ciara’s last album did like 90,000, but she’s making a comeback.
    CB did like 102,000 his first week, considering the ordeal and recent developments, he’ll do more next time
    Keri did 94,000 in her first which is really good for a first-time solo artist, and since TMO and KYD have become hits, she’ll do better next round.

    RiRi did 181,000 her first week

    I’m not saying Rihanna is flopping but everyone else isn’t either.


  35. Gina



  36. GeeGee

    Man, what’s with all this argument about Rihanna’s singles being tops and flops? Some of you need to pick up some reliable sources and relax.

    What’s the point of crying “retire!” when
    1. They’re getting more income than you ever will
    2. You can’t tour in places like Madison Garden
    3. Nobody cares!!


  37. YEP

    Yall are making way too much about rihanna….yall must have nothing to do….some of yall are acting like Rated R went platinum in a week so calm yall asses down. Yall make bigger deals about stuff than the actually artist does…..


  38. @ crying like a bitch

    Leave Chris Brown out of it, he ain’t got shit to do with it! Why is it when it comes down to defending her, the only thing you stans can come up with is Chris Brown? The shit is old and its dumb, stop using him to make excuses for her.


  39. ***

    The person above me, I so agree, don’t understand why they have to continue to bring CB in the mix when it comes to her. Defend her, fine, but stop using him to try and get your point across.


  40. Dillon_68

    @@crying like a bitch (the one above me), I agree. Though I like both Chris and Rihanna, I wish people would seperate them in conversations. You can’t mention one without the other now, it’s sad. Get over the past, gosh.

    I wouldn’t mind hearing this collabo though, even if Kim has lost my respect for demanding homage from Nicki. Nicki is her own individual.


  41. sunshyne84

    Getting back to the subject…..I would love to hear this collabo. Can’t wait! Love Kim & Rihanna.


  42. PURDYBOi1

    WOW! Its amazing how much these people talk down on very talented artists and compare them to others. Really guys? Come on, why cant we all just listen to the music and appreciate it. If you dont like a certain artist, just dont comment on them. I personally love Lil’ Kim and Rihanna, Can not wait for the song to come, if it does =)


  43. Will

    Hazel ftw?


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