New Music: Usher f/ Pitbull – ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love’

Usher and Pitbull

As his latest album Raymond v. Raymond approaches platinum status, Usher keeps the momentum going with a sequel to the project called Versus. The new set, due August 24, contains eight new songs, including collaborations with Bun B and Pitbull, who guests on the lead single “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love,” a dance record produced by Max Martin. The follow-up single, “Hot Toddy” produced by Polow Da Don, will be delivered to radio on August 9.

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  1. tamed




  2. Trey

    It’s hot, but I’m surprised he would record another dance track right after he said that Black UK artists were downgrading the quality of R&B with their electro/dance songs. “OMG” is doing really well on the urban circuts, but this may just go pop and rhythm only.

    I’m also mad he’s coming out with a deluxe, I wouldn’t have gotten RvR late then.


  3. Dimp-Zone

    looooooooooooove it!!!! USher is slowing leave the R&B roots behind for the dance craze!


  4. Shannon

    Usher’s the most amazing artist ever, i love him with all my heart you don’t even know ! I wanna see him soo bad , so he should come out on tour soon .! were gonna get married one day, ive loved him since i was 8 ! <3 this song is ahmazing


  5. ugh

    great song but probably one of the worst features ive heard in my life. i love pitbull but that was pure garbage spewing from his mouth.


  6. DIllon_68

    @Trey, you can buy the 8-track “Versus EP” then, that’s what I’m gonna do. The deluxe edition just combines the original and the EP. They both come out August 24th.


  7. Cjay Smith

    Why is that everything this man Usher touches turns to gold…DAYUMMMMMMMM..This is defo a Numba 1..RealTalk…London stand UP!


  8. Asa

    hugeee track. keeping up with tha same dance feel that he had on OMG. Can’t wait till Versus drop.


  9. kayla

    I like it but it remind me of something Enrique Iglesias did 6years ago.. *Shrugs*


  10. genesis

    the king, or prince, of r&b
    He’s been royalty since My Way for real but solidified with Confessions.


  11. mel

    I need him to come out with another album like Confessions. That was like his ‘Thriller’


  12. ...

    this is not r&b. whatsoever. this is really derivative pop music. i’m tired as hell of this eurotrash music that’s infected contemporary r&b. thank god stuff like maxwell and ‘nem still make music THEY like and not what the crowd/radio wants. i love me some pitbull, though.


  13. Trey


    Yeah I realized that Versus and the deluxe edition were different after i posted the first time


  14. BowChickaWahWah



  15. Asa

    Even though i said this is a huge track. I’m not feeling the pitpull verse like that.



    PUREEEEEE FIRE!!!!!!!!


  17. Piotrek(L)

    great track! it could be undoubtedly number one hit;)


  18. theresa_keys



  19. Lisa



  20. kevin

    this song is hot, i hope the other seven are all uptempos, hopefully only 1 or 2 slow songs. this song is a club banger, cant wait to hear the 2nd single produced by polow, that gonna be another banger for sure.


  21. musiclvr

    why do ppl hate on pit?!! is it cuz he’s not a black rapper? wtf
    he has his own style and niche. he’s talented, successful and humble. that’s why ppl work with him ESTUPE


  22. #DEAD

    So usher is going pop now? This is I think its safe to say that usher should just retire from music this dude is disapointing me with his new stuff.


  23. U.


    U should retire from this post if you have NOTHING NICE TO SAY. NOW GO AWAY. Usher still has a long way to go before he retires as a pop artist. He is still an R&B singer and will be around for a long time and a new single on August 9th will be his R&B song.

    Versus is going to be huge. I have a feeling Usher is going to surprise us even much more when the Double disc is out on August 24th. It’s going to be a huge hit for him in the long run.


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