Lady Gaga Reigns Over ‘Today’ Show

Lady Gaga

A record 20,000 little monsters lined up on the streets of New York City to catch Lady Gaga heat up Rockefeller Plaza for the “Today” Concert Series on Friday (July 9). “Let it rain. Let it pour. You can’t stop us,” said Gaga, who despite the downpour performed “Alejandro,” “Teeth,” George Gershwin’s “Someone to Watch Over Me,” “Bad Romance,” and a new song called “You and I,” reportedly written about her on-again boyfriend Luc Carl.

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  1. ed

    fucking sexy


  2. toni

    she is ugly as fuck


  3. Trey

    Is it just me, or is she looking very Xtina-line…..



  4. Trey



  5. LOL



  6. Rell

    She’s spectacular. I love the new song, and how you paid homage to Elton John. LOVE IT!


  7. FX

    @LOL, Going from post to post writing negative comments is what’s lame.


  8. steven

    for the person that said lady gaga is ugly as fuck you are wrong…she is not your typical jaded beautiful on the outside woman..she is beautiful because of the art she creates….she said so herself she’s not here to be a beautiful girl that sings pretty songs…no she looks the part of the music she creates the beauty, the ugly, the happiness, the sadness, and vulnerability which is what all humans feel even the ones who are beautiful to the one’a who aren’t so recognize and respect that…


  9. Baron

    Is it just me, or did it seem like the crowd wasn’t as into it as they should have been, given Gaga’s massive presence on Twitter and Facebook, not to mention her dominance on the radio.


  10. kani k.

    So many people WOW LOL


  11. GangsterA

    Great peformances not feelin the new song though may be when i hear the studio verison it will grow on me


  12. queen beyonce

    luvz it takes me back to when i saw her in march in new zealand! hehe good to see shes put on the pounds she was looking thin


  13. fi

    She got nerves wearing madonnas 1990 leftover wardrobe and doing the raspy blond ambition voice…
    she needs to sit down
    Oh wait, someone is calling me …Who is it? Oh its madonna from 1989 cherish video shoot. she wants her hair back.
    ps: lady gaga. wearing madonnas outfit top from lucky star like a virgin tour 1985 in white is not a good idea.
    Hope u atleast washed it.
    Everyone knows madonnas sweat stinks!
    Cause she used to copy Jody Watley’s style…and now gaga…come again!


  14. greg



  15. ponyo

    i like lady gaga she has great music but her last demonic video scared me….lol


  16. BowChickaWahWah

    I love that new song she performed!


  17. Lisa

    She still sounds like sht. And I can’t stand her cabaret voice, but the performance was a lot better than her over the top theatrics that never work like those terrible VMA and Grammy performances.


  18. Alejandro

    Comments like @Lisa’s are retarded. Hate is a disease. She’s making her mark on the world and you’re sitting behind a computer screen hating. Gaga will go down in history. Where will you end up? A hating nobody.


  19. Bri

    I like Lady Gaga, but she seems to be getting uglier and uglier. She looked alot better when she first came out when she had the longer hairdo and the face paint and glasses she used to wear.


  20. oljick

    2CROOKLYNMAYO, see the Lady Gaga Telephone ring tone you looked for


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