Christina Milian & The-Dream Separate

The-Dream and Christina Milian

Christina Milian and The-Dream have separated after less than a year together, confirms.

“Terius ‘The-Dream’ Nash is saddened to announce that his marriage to Christina Milian was unsuccessful,” his rep said in a statement. “The couple reached this decision in late 2009, but decided to keep the news private in efforts to protect their baby daughter Violet. They ask for consideration and respect for their family moving forward.”

The singer and hitmaker were engaged in July 2009 and eloped in September in Las Vegas, renewing their vows in Rome in December.

The couple has a five-month-old daughter named Violet. Photos of The-Dream cavorting with another woman, said to be his assistant Melissa Santiago, surfaced online Monday morning.

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  1. Jon

    Why would they need to protect an infant?



    His assistant,it can’t be to much to that man,But a dream.


  3. carmelo

    Now where are all the stans who said the photos were from a video shoot??? #fail


  4. Truth

    How smart of DREAM to have this info come out now, not wanting to look like someone who cheated on his wife..? Did Christina know that they were separated? I’m not too sure about that, she just posted last week or so that she was going to see her BABY perform.. She wasn’t talking about her daughter either..


  5. Truth


    They said that? That’s why fans should mind their own business and STOP trying to defend the Celebs, they don’t give a f*ck about you so get off their *****…


  6. carmelo

    @Truth, Yes, exactly!


  7. Dough

    Damn we all saw this happening, he did the same thing to Nivea.


  8. will

    Thats why you never mix business with pleasure smfh. Christina Milians album definately isnt coming out now cause majority of the album was produced by Tricky and Dream plus christina milian had a venture with radio killa records. The Dream did her dirty lol.


  9. WTF????

    “The couple reached this decision in late 2009″????? Didn’t they get married in late 2009 and then renewed their vows in late 2009????? WTF!!!!


  10. SMFH

    Christina Millian just sent out a tweet on her twitter saying “UGH” LOL. She must be pissed. She set herself up bigtime. Havent u heard of “Never mixing business with pleasure” especially when ur now ex husband is the head of the record label your signed to? Dummy!!!!


  11. Pinoy

    Christina Milian can come to me any day.


  12. Andrew

    who cares, hopefully this means he can hurry up and put out another dope album. he is too talented stop.


  13. Rap*

    F+ck that loser. Good luck to Cmilli


  14. Yan

    Love King? i don’t think so…


  15. Sing-Sang

    @Pinoy You “dream” too much, mouhahaha!!
    whatever The Dream is a real Don Juan


  16. MB92

    hmmm, should have known, he’s making songs about other girls while they’re together. that was disrespectful to her to start out with. and he’s so tacky to be out with another woman before even annoncing the break up. oh well Christina shoot i always thought they didnt make a good couple. they look like relatives


  17. JD

    Christina Milian is one of the most gorgeous women in entertainment. She’s just too FINE! How could anyone in their right mind cheat on her? Didnt Nick Cannon cheat on her too? @MB92 your right. He IS always singing about taking other girls, sometimes from other men. He is disgusting, his career is over because he just made himself look like a total jackass. Especially since his album sold like 58,000 copies in week 1 I wont be surprised to see a big tumble this week. Christina needs a real man and I hope she finds him. Im totally #teamxtina on this. FUCK THA DREAM!


  18. mike

    what can you expect from somebody who sings “if you ever make your girlfriend mad, dont let your good girl go bad, drop 5 stacks in the make up bag, drop 5 stacks in the make up bag”
    christina was too good for him since day 1, but somehow i had some hope for them to be happy together, the strongest marriages in the industry are a stunning lady with an ugly dude (Bey and Jay-z, Christina aguilera and her hubby)


  19. Rawr

    “Nash is saddened to announce that his marriage to Christina Milian was unsuccessful”……Sure,but it didn’t take that long to go find another sleeping buddy did it “mr love queen”


  20. ugh

    Christina’s going to be alright aside from a little emotional stress. She has a beautiful baby daughter and a divorce to settle from a marriage with NO PRENUP+1 child, girl gon be laughing all the way to bank with his dumb ass! CHA-CHING!
    She’ll have no trouble finding a new man, shes a knockout and one of the sweetest, most down to earth girls in the industry.
    The dream left a dime for a pennie, what a shame….


  21. bass_man

    she called him her boo just two weeks ago and was hyping up LOVEKING. she’s a really good actress.


  22. PW

    “Me and my new girl is cool, but now I’m having doubts” / Nikki Part 2


  23. Kyle

    Sorry, I love you Christina but all I gotta say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I remember when they got engaged last year I knew it wouldn’t last more than a year. I so called it. She just f***ed him for tracks and now he’s moving on to the next. So sad and pathetic.


  24. Phoenix_Wright

    She is only 28, and with already 3 albums out. Her career is definitely NOT over. And if it is then she won’t be broke since she will be getting some of The-Dreams money.

    I really wonder what happened though. She is one of the best looking celebs and her personality seems down to earth. But who knows how celebs are behind doors. He could have cheated, she could have been a bitch, who knows. I guess time will reveal it all.


  25. Jamie

    My heart is breaking for Christina. I was really hoping she would find happiness with this one. But something never seemed quite right about the Dream and when they stopped being photographed together I knew something was up cuz they were everywhere together then it all stopped.I was so hoping for that Elope album now that is definatly not gonna happen and I bet she is going to get dumped by Radio Killa just like what Def Jam did to her. Love Christina always and wish her an Violet the best!! :)


  26. JN

    LMAO, I knew these 2 wouldn’t last

    this man’s a fool for cheating on one of the cutest hotties of the industry


  27. damn!

    Christina is hot, she can do so much better than dough boy anyways.


  28. Harvey

    Yo this ish is crazy. You mean to tell me we ain’t see this coming? Come on now.


  29. TheBaddestBitch

    He’s a dog!

    Now get that money christina!


  30. Dillon_68

    Damn Dream, I’m your biggest fan and all, but you just left CHRISTINA MILIAN. I been fantasizing bout that ass for years…


  31. ponyo

    why am i not surprised christina u need to step ya cookies up u think because u are pretty u can keep a man….look at what he went for and ask ya self the question “wtf is wrong with me?”


  32. True Blue

    Ass. He’s an ass. Well most men are, anyway.


  33. True Blue

    @ ponyo:

    Although we don’t know exactly what went on in their relationship, why would you blame Christina for this? Are you saying the reason he cheated on her was because she didn’t maintain herself? Yeah, well try having a baby and see how easy it is to lose the weight just a few months after! Even when you have money for personal trainers and nutritionists it isn’t easy! And any man that would cheat on his wife because she no longer looks like a model isn’t a man to begin with.


  34. Jon

    Yall sound dumb that BABY is business! Ask Kelis! You think she got pleasure out sleeping with the Dream? She did what she had to do. Now every time Beyonce performs single ladies or Mariah performs touch my body or Rhianna performs umbrella she gets a check. it’s all business.


  35. honeybun

    this is crazy..its funny how the dream was talking on the radio station saying how much he love his wife and they have a great marriage…smh


  36. Rhino

    Soon after the announcement, C-Milli got a letter, the return address being marked “Ms. Hamilton – Atlanta, GA”. It read:

    “Dear Christina,

    So sorry you had to learn about him the hard way. If you ever need any advice as to how to move on, get back at me (I was in the EXACT SAME scenario-and now I’m getting a cut of each check the biggest superstar in rap cashes now.)



  37. &

    No hate on either of them but I’m not in the least surprised.


  38. Bri

    The dream maybe rich, but he is a loser. He’s not always gonna be a hot producer. I hope one day he gets it back for treating people like crap.


  39. Empress

    Wow, this is too much. Do all men cheat? I was told “Yes” and it’s not cuz we beautiful women do not look good or have bad sex. One brother told me “All Men Cheat baby” I told him what if I cheated, he said, “Women don’t cheat.” Anyway, I bring this to another brother and he said, That’s not true all men don’t cheat, we just freak with another chick cuz our d*** told us to. I guess he meant they think with their d*** and do not think about the consequences.


  40. 2D

    I don’t know about everyone else, but he’s not too “Dreamy”……


  41. David

    What a fuckin douche bag. Christina is beautiful. She’s not worth his sloppy ass time anyways.





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