David Beckham Too Nervous to Critique Snoop Dogg’s Music

Snoop Dogg and David Beckham

Who did Snoop Dogg call once he completed his latest album? Not a label executive, his wife and kids, or even one of his hip-hop peers. Instead, the rapper called upon David Beckham to lend an ear.

The soccer star says that Snoop gave him a first listen to his album Malice in Wonderland. “Since we moved to L.A., we’ve become friends,” revealed Beckham during a Yahoo! web chat. “He called me about 10 days before his last album came out and he invited me to the studio to listen to it first. He asked my opinion and I said I loved every one of [the tracks].”

But even if he didn’t like the music, Beckham wouldn’t have said so. “Actually no because he has two huge bodyguards!” he laughed.

The two’s friendship extends beyond their careers. “It’s weird but we have struck up a friendship; he’s really talented and a great guy,” added Beckham. “We went out for dinner in a steak restaurant, he was eating ribs, the restaurant had cleared and the waitress came over and said I can sing. So Snoop leaned back in his seat and said, ‘Go on then, sing for me.’ So she did. She stood there and sang a whole song. It really made me laugh.”

Snoop and Beckham have starred in adidas Originals commercials together and the British athlete even gave Snoop’s children a private soccer lesson.

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  1. Lindsay

    Too funny, I love David B so much!


  2. WhatTheF

    LOL at him thinking he heard the album first. Yeah we all heard it before you since it leaked.



    Kelsey Reply:

    @WhatTheF, Why are you such a hateful person? All your comments are negative. I feel sorry for you.


    I from blood Mexican Reply:

    @Kelsey, r u mad?


    WhatTheF Reply:

    @I from blood Mexican, Of course she’s mad. STAY MAD! I’m just stating facts.


    & Reply:

    @WhatTheF, That’s the way to take up for yourself. One and the same. Obviously you the only one mad here.


    LOL Reply:


    LOL Reply:



  3. Pinoy

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see David Beckham featured on one of Snoop’s songs.


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