Kid Cudi’s ‘Mr. Rager’ Pushed Back

Kid Cudi

The raging will have to wait a little longer. Kid Cudi’s new album has been delayed.

The “Day ‘N’ Nite” rapper’s sophomore effort Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager has a revised release date of September 28, has learned. That’s two weeks later than its original September 14 date. Hip-hop heavyweights Young Jeezy and T.I. are also set to drop albums that day.

Cudi’s mentor Kanye West has claimed September 14 as his release date, ending the likelihood of a joint release with his fellow G.O.O.D. Music artists.

Kanye assists his protégé on Mr. Rager‘s lead offering “Erase Me,” a Jim Jonsin production. Take a listen below.

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  1. J. Mengele



  2. Rhino

    Maybe Common can schedule “The Believer” to drop September 28? Then we’ll get TWO “G.O.O.D. Music Day”s!


  3. kCudi

    C’mon this was about to happend.I don’t even think Kanye’s Album will drop on September 14th…


  4. ...

    it’s just like ciara and kelly rowland — it doesn’t matter how much he pushes it back, he’s still not going to push ANY units.


  5. eh

    cudi’s not going to push any units?
    ha!…right. you’re an idiot if you believe that.


  6. jhuntdaprodigy

    Ha ha, lame. Look for Consequence & Big Sean’s albums getting pushed back as well. I knew GOOD music day wasn’t gonna happen, don’t none of them want Kanye hindering their sales


  7. mike

    that song is so awful
    even kanye will strugle with his new album, nobody seems to care about Power, it’s all about Eminem right now, the rest cant stay off the spotlight for half a year yet


  8. HA! HA! HA! Kid Cudi's Album Pushed BACK!

    [...] [...]

  9. Caden

    Cudi not pushing units, yeah right. This kid has built a cult fan base that will buy his album no matter what. The music executives at Universal probably know what their doing, because Cudi attracts a whole different audience then Young Jeezy & T.I, its really those two who are competing against one another. As far as Kanye “Power” is this albums “Cant tell me nothing”. Both were the first singles that were good but later he put out more catchy radio singles.


  10. bro

    I totally agree with Caden. Cudi could release an album of fart noises and he would still get a guaranteed 100K. Also Kanye hasn’t dropped a video for Power yet, which will build a little hype, and he is gonna drop another more radio friendly single.


  11. KWAM1ZZL3

    Cudi will move digital copies very well. He has a great fan base. Kanye is gonna move remarkable units and digi-sales…he might match Em first week sales. His second single should cause a huge stir. GOOD Music Day was too ‘GOOD’ to be true…


  12. lexis

    kid cudi is THE best artist alive…if u dissagree your SUPER LAME


  13. kEVG77



  14. korey

    He’s struggling to make a hit record…


  15. matt

    everyone hating on cudi is crazy. yeah he rarely goes hard because that’s not what his music’s about. i mean, cudi’s not like jeezy or t.i. because he’s about having something to say. not that the big names don’t, but cudi’s not just writing about getting money and being in the streets, he’s got a message and he’s thinking about what he’s saying. and that’s what makes him great as an artist.


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