Christina Milian Fires Back, Claims The-Dream Cheated on Her

The-Dream and Christina Milian

When The-Dream filed for divorce from Christina Milian in February, it came as a surprise to his wife, who was nine days away from giving birth to the couple’s daughter. Now Milian is asking a judge to throw out the divorce papers.

According to TMZ, the “Dip It Low” singer claims that the father of her child not only lied about the status of their relationship, but also cheated on her.

Despite The-Dream publicly announcing the end of their marriage, Milian insists it was quite the contrary and that the two even had “marital relations on numerous occasions” after the paperwork was filed.

If the court does grant the divorce, Milian wants it to be for reasons other than that their marriage was “irretrievably broken,” instead claiming that The-Dream was cheating on her.

In her legal response, filed last week in Georgia, Milian admits that she signed an agreement with The-Dream that waived alimony or ownership rights to each other’s property. However, she maintains that she was in no state to sign such documents because they were brought to her when she was nine months pregnant.

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  1. Ok Ok

    Of course he cheated, hes a douche, he called his kids “expensive bills” u knew that christina, u get no sympathy from me


  2. Lukas

    I love the-dream, but didn’t expect it from him


  3. Rihannaz #1 Fan

    um…K bye dream! like who exactly do you think you are!!?! are in no position What so ever to be cheating on a girl this damn BAD.i mean come on “shawty is a 10″ and you are more like a big and i mean BIG fat 0!!! #2.WTF did Christina even see in you?love is obviously blind because only a blind person cant see how full of shyt you are!! know something..ii always liked your music,i must admit all of your singles have been catchy..but the only reason y you even sold any albums this time around was because every1 loved your what every1 thought to be “close nit family” yea and #3 last but not least,if you are going to go off to the Caribbean with sum1 else,why take that very pale crackhead looking version of j.lo!?..ughh…neway “terius” you suk n ii hope christina cuts your ass off n never everever looks back!!


  4. Karma

    Damn the Dream is fu*ked up. So the whole time Dream was acting like they were still together and didnt tell christina until she was 9 days away from giving birth. What a coward of a man. Who could ever do such a thing to a beautiful woman like that who was there for u and u leave her like shes nothing. Karma is coming. Believe that!


  5. Okplaya

    HELLO! look at what he did with Nieva!!!!!!! he did the same thing to her!



    smh dream is dumb as fuck good add woman


  7. GeeGee

    The-Dream, why do you even have to lie? The truth will face exposure sooner or later.


  8. The Prophet Blog

    Lol, Christina is coming for those coins!


  9. myke757

    wtf? I commend that she is tryin to mk it work but obviously he aint marriage material.


  10. TROY K

    first of all i dont know why this dude felt the need to marry this girl they obvious did love each other come on now i know yall did not think she love him the paper yes and who he was c’mon son yall got to know that, they had just met, secondly the dream dont have no sense not making this girl sign a prenup where they do that at not in hollywood last i checked and thirdly he got to know that she was going to go in for the kill im sure every divorce lawyer in the world probably contacted her being she famous too and they know she got that paper herself when these famous guys going to learn with or without paper these women going in for the kill especially the famous ones they can afford to, dont worry he will be forgot like nas, all man dude wrote some not so bad hits, but thats dudes for you give him all the paper in the world still wont give him brains not when a bad chick come along especially a famous bad chick fair well to the dream sweet dreams my man she going for the bank


  11. Pinoy

    I told Christina, she should have been with me.
    I would NEVER cheat on that fine ass girl.


  12. So Sad!

    Christina sign over the divorce papers, get your child support and move on I know it may be very hard but The Dream seems to have moved on without you, even though he claimed to have wanted to commit suicide over the “breakup” of the relationship, for which he made the go to file for divorce….. He broke his marriage from Nivea , and now he’s doing it to you…… Deep down I know you must be hurting because you probably want to make this work for your child, but he’s not on the same page as you….. You will be fine once you break away from this mess!!!!


  13. UltraKid

    WHO CARES??? The Dream is still an amazing artist and I’ll be the first to say I don’t care about his private life because it’s his private life. Still got the Love King on rotation.


  14. lillt

    LMAO! This is what you get when you fu*k for tracks.


  15. hmm

    smh..duhhh ppl that what his album was about..they divorced in feb..FEBRUARY NIKKI P2..he said..”me and my new girl cool now we having doubts..”…and he apologize with
    but there was no need for her to come out and say that..its their marriage not the whole worlds..stars need to keep shit to themselves


  16. TVA

    For those of you who didn’t read the article. She wants the papers voided on the grounds of “irrevocably broken” and refiled as something else. She’s not trying to get him back.


  17. WOW

    You need mental help


  18. Tyler

    UltraKid, you must be a female cause only a pu**y would stick up for The-Dream.


  19. hello

    wtf the-dream is an idiot 4 doing the shit but i knew it was comin since he did it to nivea wat a ass hole!but christina should just move on 2 the next one becuz the-dream isnt even cute wtf did she find in that ugly piece of shit!


  20. Really

    At 9 months pregnant, a woman is not in the best shape to make decisions. I’ve seen this plenty of times in the business world. Your hormones are all over the place and you forget things. Crap, I’ve experienced it myself. It wouldn’t surprise me if this fool made her sign the papers the day of or close to the day she was due to deliver his baby. What a jerk!!!! Hope Beyonce and Rihanna take his a$$ of their list of producers to work with on their upcoming albums.


  21. TT

    @Really There Releationship Was Over Before They Got A Divorce And The Dream Is Still The Best Producer Out There Alongside Timbaland.


  22. Really

    @ TT – last I checked, not all of the his songs top the charts?!?!?


  23. Drose

    Y’all are gettin way to emotionally attached to this lmao just because she’s had hits and is beautifull doesn’t mean she’s gonna be a good person. Who the fuck knows? Women
    fuck men for the shirt off their back every day. Hes playing it “smart” tryna keep his assets, that doesn’t make it admirable or right. One things for sure though. It’s dispicable what’s being done with this child in the middle… Same time, growin up with 2 parents buttin heads everyday isn’t any way to be brought up. There’s always gonna be two sides to the story.


  24. Joey



    Don Reply:

    @Joey, Congrats Joey, those comments qualify you as an A+ fucking moron even if they are 13 months old.


  25. Lisa

    i dnt think christina lookz really gud in blonde hair i kno off topic but still


  26. Milian challenges Dream divorce – Digital Spy | The Divorced Parents

    [...] [...]

  27. zyx

    @Tyler – very few sensible females would, so uh no.


  28. Andrew


    lol you made it a point that you dont check the charts cause if you did youd see this man is behind more radio hits one way or another in the past 3-4 years than most people ever see in their career.

    people need to leave the dream alone, its not that big of a deal, its funny how the minute I guy leaves a girl and is seen with another he is already labeled. but yet, women arent any better, how you do you know christina wasnt playing games? use common sense, I know its hard.


  29. Katy

    This is all over money and it should be about the baby now Christina. You are really showing your shallow side. Why is she so worried about that that dudes money. She didn’t make it, he did. Christina don’t you have your own money.

    So when your pregnant you can’t read??? Hmmm…well that explains everything. What a load…

    I guess it’s now well proven that women aren’t capable of managing their own affairs and the courts have affirmed that fact. Men need to keep that in mind when dealing with women. When push comes to shove women are more than willing to claim complete incompetence if it gets them the money. Probably why she got pregnant in the middle of all this. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!


  30. Toolondeck

    think he should jus change his alias from “Love King” to “Breakup King” :D


  31. Toolondeck

    think he should aswel jus change his alias from “Love King” to “Breakup King” :D


  32. Will

    @TT The Dream is not a record producer hes a songwriter so lets just get that straight. Tricky Stewart is the producer. And how u compare The Dream to Timbaland is way beyond me. Timbaland is on a whole other level.


  33. Andrew


    The Dream does produce.


  34. Mz. Paparazzi 242

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  35. darenius

    i dnt get da dream u got nieva prego then divorced her now u got christina prego and now divorcing her. you stupid i use to like u now i dnt u didnt have no right giving her a hard time y did u marry her in the first place if u wanted an divorce so early u such an ASSHOLE


  36. darenius

    and u gave her the papers while she was 9 days away from giving birth tu ur daughter u such an stupid asswhole ur music sucks nd u dnt give a rats ass bout no one i hope she get all ur damn money


  37. storm

    the dream and christina are f*cked up lovebirds dumb a*ses


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