M.I.A. Fights with Pharrell, Diddy Steps In

Pharrell and M.I.A.

M.I.A.’s words have come back to bite her. Pharrell told his labelmate off after she lashed out at her industry peers, including Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

The outspoken Maya ran into the N.E.R.D. frontman at the Met Costume Institute Gala in May, where he approached her about her headline-making comments. “The best bit was me and Pharrell having a fight,” she told Time Out London. “He was just telling me off like crazy: ‘You can’t just keep beating people up…’ I thought he’d seen the ‘Born Free’ video, so I was actually listening because I thought he must be saying my video’s too violent. He was like, ‘You know you can’t just keep giving people that shit, you have to hand out the sugar.’”

M.I.A. was taken aback by his remarks. “I was a bit offended because he was talking about the shepherd and the sheep, and I was like, ‘I never think I’m making music for sheep, I’m making music for shepherds… people who think like individuals and who want to be their own fucking leader.’”

After calling her fat because of her pregnancy (“Oh my fu**ing God, last time I saw you, you were so fat!”), Diddy tried to patch things up between the two of them. “[Diddy] was just like, ‘I love you, we need you.’ And I was like, ‘That’s so good to hear because Pharrell just told me I was shit.’ Diddy went and found Pharrell and made him come to my table, apologize, and kiss my hand and shit, which was awesome.”

One celebrity who she didn’t interact with at the ball was Oprah Winfrey. “Oprah seemed like she was giving me the cold shoulder,” said M.I.A., who previously met the media mogul at the TIME 100 gala in 2009.

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  1. kani k.

    I love MIA, and she’s probably right, but her new album is not, and she got some issues recently.


  2. math_

    M.I.A. is tryin too hard. bitch, focus on your damn album (which is amazin)!


  3. Room 52638

    Shes Always Lookin For A Fight


  4. bijan

    MIA doesn’t have to apologize, Gaga and Bieber are shit. There’s no lying. They are the most popular artists of our generation right now. Every other singer of other generations 10 x better than them. It’s about time someone had a different perspective. It’s really dissapointing to see Pharrell (who is supposed to be all unique) agree with just about all of the other dumb 5 year old girls who listen to that bullshit.


  5. lillt

    MIA is so childish. why worry about another artist? focus on your career! Apparently somebody likes GaGa and Bieber because their careers are better than hers.


  6. ...

    this is the only way this bitch gets any attention whatsoever. it sure isn’t because of how good her music is, especially judging by her last album.


  7. ¢hipzzy

    The M.I.A this with the sunglasses Rick Ross


  8. WhatTheF

    Girl Stop!


  9. Trey

    If she was something it’d be different.
    But she acts like she’s a legend and she’s the farthest from one.


  10. kani k.

    Kala is quite legendary.. but obviously she shouldn’t just stop there..


  11. life

    M.I.A. can say whatever she wants, just like it’s your opinion to how she’s so and so. M.I.A. will be a legend one day, she’s in your face and speaks with brute force. She’s not a pop sound who relies on stupid fashion to keep in the mix, she’s much deeper, so eat a tube sock. & the “BORN FREE” music video clearly says it all. For Pharell to put his 2cents in is dumb,he’s trying to put himself at the level beiber & gaga are at. When he’s at any of these artist’s level, diddy won’t have control over him.


  12. lillt

    LMAO. No one can understand what she is saying. Someone put a brick in this tramp mouth


  13. stellar2

    just like M.I.A. can speak her opinion, so can Pharrell and he said to her face, not to the media. and music is music no matter where it comes from. everyone will have a chance to shine, right now is not hers. so she needs to stop hating.


  14. CIARA'S #1 "RIDE" BITCHES!!!!!



  15. mr

    pharrel hasnt worked with gaga but he has worked with madonna and pretty much everyone else. He has the right to speak his mind just like her. Dont hate on other musicians just make music that will speak for you. M.i.a is dope but if she would of put the same amount of energy that she spends talking crap on her music, then maybe that last album would have done well sales and reviews wise.


  16. Gaz2010

    Why is this bitch still making music? A 5 year old could do a better job making beats that sound like hers. Her album’s not selling enough, so what does she do?? Start another fight for publicity… boring


  17. UltraKid

    M.I.A & Pharrell>>>>>Lady Gaga’s generic Pop music.


  18. mr

    @ultrakid if gaga makes generic pop music then so does m.i.a and pharrell i dont know what you are hearing that im not…. All 3 as of late sounds like pop music to me


  19. BK

    Gaga is winning so jealous females like UltraKid hate.


  20. Pucci

    Well good for Pharrell… Really, if you dont like someone, just do the adult thing & keep your comments to yourself. My grandma use to tell me that all the time. LOl


  21. bijan

    @mr Madonna’s last album was shit because of Pharrell. Same with Shakira.


  22. True Blue

    I’m really starting to dislike her now… she spends so much time talking sh*t about other people and starting drama that now she’s getting more well-known for her feuds than she is for her music. I’ve always heard people say she’s pretentious and whatnot, and I thought people were hating at first, but now I see that they’re right.


  23. mr

    @bijan thats not the point m.i.a last album was shit too does that make her anyless of an artist no


  24. Who? Me

    I swear Gaga fans would fight over who gets to eat her dirty panties if they could lol.


  25. pandora

    don’t hate on gaga i don’t really like her music but she’s not giving out neg. shit be more pos. okay


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  27. newii_babbii

    i love the fact pharrell cam back and kiss her hand .. and she liked it … for me that show a sign of respect and i think they could really be friends if they got to know each other .. love you M.I.A and Pharrell


  28. breezy

    who the hell is MIA????


  29. Res

    MIA just told the truth. Lady gag and justin bieber suck, just like soulja boi gucci and the rest of them.. hip hop is on a respirator, pop music.. well was shit to begin with in the first place and r&b is just pure “lets f**k”.. which is sad because we got freaking 12 yr old singing “little freak”. Music is suffering horribly.. somebody has to speak out about it


  30. Dee-One

    M.I.A. is wack as fuck and i don’t know why these industry headliners keep co-signing that music she’s been doin’!! It’s been horrible from the jump.. She can’t sing, rap, harmonize, croon, or whatever she calls herself doin’.


  31. woww!

    M.I.A. is real. That’s all there is. And amazing.


  32. da

    a lot of you guys are on crack…very good crack. m.i.a. is such a refreshing change from what has happened with music in a long time. she mixes culture into her music and sings about the people. she came from a third world country at one point. she’s a rapper she’s club and she is fucken punk rock. the most punk thing anyone with a guitar has done in years. she’s more thug than a bunch of people out there.genocide. refugee. living in a total diff level that a lot of us. club music with a message. keep shaking ur tits and asses to the songs that tell ya to do so. u want the world listen to m.i.a. the truth!


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