Video: Erykah Badu f/ Rick Ross – ‘Window Seat (Remix)’/‘Turn Me Away (Get MuNNY)’

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu provides a sequel to the video that sparked a thousand debates. In the continuation to the controversial “Window Seat,” we find out that Badu was not killed and instead arrested. She gets scooped up from jail by Rick Ross in his Porsche Panamera Turbo. After switching cars, the odd couple cruises Dallas until they get into some more trouble.

“She most definitely is a super talented individual,” Ross told MTV News of his collaborator. “She’s the definition of a strong woman. I’m proud for her to be a strong black woman, just to see her so hands-on with her career.”

Watch the co-conspirators in action below.

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  1. Dave

    Un un they foolin, lol. Can’t wait to see the next part of this story.



    Love it


  3. Lisa

    This bitch is a bad mf! I love Erykah!


  4. miguel rolle

    i loved that , erykah is so damn fine :)


  5. KNUCK

    yess!!! Erykah and the BAWSE.. I think I’m big MEECH *UHHN* Larry HOOVA!!!


  6. JRoc76

    4:18 ftw ;p



    For a moment there at the beginning, right after it says ‘Days Later’, I thought Rick Ross was going to start walking down the street and strip naked… thank god I was wrong.


  8. okplaya

    YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!


  9. Kyle

    Nobody will ever take Erykah’s spot in the music industry. She is truely one of a kind and I haven’t stopped listening to her album. It’s so addicting!!


  10. Imani

    that was really good i like music videos with a story


  11. Sly B.

    Ayee this go hard!!! hurry up with next one!


  12. JhuntdaProdigy

    Bawse!!! Can’t wait for the Maybach Music III video. Hey, maybe Maybach Music III is where this video continues? Prolly not though (kanye shrug)


  13. SHARON R....

    love it love it love it , cant wait til part 3 of this erykah your the best


  14. lil_ray

    likesss that lol!!!!!


  15. pippo

    Rick ross is the boss.I love this guy and 50 together.


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