G-Unit Records Inks New Deal With EMI


Looks like Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo will be making more of an impact with their rap hits as a result of the recent union between G-Unit Records and EMI Label Services.

G-Unit, formerly part of the Interscope Records family, has joined forces with the music company. The new deal will exclusively distribute and promote 50 Cent’s label under the EMI umbrella. Lloyd Banks’ third solo effort, H.F.M. 2 (Hunger for More 2), due November 23, will be the first release to reap the benefits of the new partnership. Yayo’s as-yet-untitled sophomore album will follow in early 2011.

Lloyd Banks spoke about the merger, namely the employees’ gusto surrounding his new album. “It’s refreshing to see the EMI staff excited about my project; they have the passion and energy I haven’t seen in a while,” he said in a statement.

With the additional push EMI has to offer, Mike Harris, the label’s EVP/general manager, feels the artists on the roster will continue cementing their names in the hip-hop landscape. “We are delighted to join forces with G-Unit and artists who are truly marquee names in hip-hop,” he stated. “G-Unit is a huge force. Lloyd Banks knows how to deliver a lyrical punch and his single has already generated huge anticipation for the album. Tony Yayo is a totally unique talent, and ‘Pass the Patron’ already has the hip-hop world buzzing about his album coming out next year.”

–Georgette Cline

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  1. Shytazz

    Banks, waiting for the ablum to drop. the rest of G-Unit is trash


  2. DJ

    I love how those guys shifted from record deals are terrible and being independent is the best thing ever, back to record deals are awesome and being independent is the worst thing ever. LMAO


  3. Frenchy1011

    Tony Yayo could be one of the worst rappers in the game right now … Young Buck was the best of G-Unit other than 50 before he left


  4. inaarr



  5. Nick

    Hip-Hop is so dead right now *sigh* All people wanna hear is generic pop crap. smh.


  6. SargeWP

    @DJ You know you’re retarded right? they’re ARE still independant they signed a “DISTRIBUTION & Marketing Deal.

    which mean instead of G-Unit/Interscope/Universal Music Group it’s just G-Unit/EMI music group.

    G-Unit = Interscope now in terms of label structure. They cut out the middle man.


  7. WhatTheF

    Who?.. Did what?…


  8. cubevision

    @SargeWP – if wot your saying is true then its a good look for 50 as long as he can find some new talented artists because yayo shouldn’t be allowed near a mic and while banks is lyrically good he can’t keep the unit relevant


  9. Mr. Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley

    H.F.M.2 gonna be the rawest shit out!

    and to all the people that hoppin on the “imma-hate-on-Yayo-although-I-never-heard-his-music” wagon: take your belts off and hang yourselves


  10. crip

    G-unit takeover ? possible, 50 cent might follow the suite late this year.


  11. eminem albin

    what about shady ??
    are going shady records to leave interscope ??i hope!!


  12. Sly B.

    They still exist? …


  13. ogolo wellington

    Is tony yayo a rapper or 50 cent hype man.cuz he always act as 50 cent interpreter ur 2 old for dat stuff.pls try and make ur own song if actually ur a rapper.and sum1 shld tell Banks to stop rapping like sum1 with hot yam in his mouth.


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  15. kitoy

    i luv G-UNIT!!


  16. Bonafide hustler

    G unit is always on top,whetha u lyk it or not unlike young money crew wit their fake voice.g unit is real,fresh nd clear.u cnt hear whetha drake is singing or rhymin.sory young buck u r mising a gud tym,fuk cash money record nd hala g g g g unit!


  17. Ocie Kostecki

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  18. jd wolf boy



  19. jd wolf boy

    im in hell


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