Video: Drake Talks R&B Mixtape, Second Album

Always a gentleman, Drake smiled for the cameras and chatted briefly about his upcoming R&B mixtape and sophomore album at the BlackBerry Torch launch party in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (Aug. 11).

“I’m always accustomed to giving out free music, so I’m working on this new project for free and I’m also working on my second album,” said Drizzy, whose 2009 mixtape So Far Gone helped launch his hip-hop career.

While he didn’t drop any names of potential collaborators on the album, he did say “anything’s possible.”

Inside, VIPs such as Serena Williams and Omarion gathered to watch the Young Money star perform a set that included “Unforgettable,” “Show Me a Good Time,” “Miss Me,” “Find Your Love,” and “Over.”

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  1. peace&music

    umm Rap Up So Far Gone waz not his first mixtape, it waz his 3rd, 1st room for improvement, 2nd comeback season


  2. peace&music

    u changed it! good :)


  3. FiddleB

    But So Far Gone is the one that launched his mainstream career….dont come at Rap Up like that lol


  4. @PMA6thsense

    @peace&music Where did Rap-Up say it was his 1st mixtape. All I can see is informationabout his first album.


  5. DRB

    iPhone> BlackBerry
    The user interface is shit on BB


  6. Just Me

    I’m glad he’s still doing his thing and progressing BUT, am I the only one hoping that the Drake and Nicki Minaj hysteria will die down after a while? Like give me time to truly see you develop as an artist, not be shoved down my throat 24/7 so I’m tired of you…


  7. Sly B.

    R&B? That’s a no no, homeboy can’t sing.


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