Mariah Carey Does It Big in Brazil

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, who may or may not have a bun in the oven, received a royal welcome in Brazil. The curvaceous diva headlined the Festa Do Peão de Boiadeiros (Cowboy Festival) in Barretos, São Paulo, Brazil on Saturday (Aug. 21), performing a 15-song set that included “Dreamlover,” “My All,” “Obsessed,” and “I Want to Know What Love Is,” which was No. 1 in the country for a record-breaking 27 weeks. She changed multiple times from a black princess-like dress with matching tiara to a leather jacket and T-shirt that read, “If you like fun, you’ll love me.”

A grateful Mimi thanked her Brazilian fans for their support following the show, fueling pregnancy rumors with her comment. “Thank you SO much 2 everybody in Brazil @ the show 2nite! So many familiar faces-Brazil you always show me love&I am so GRATEFUL!” she tweeted. “Seriously,I really do love it here,beautiful people inside and out! Tonite was tuff 4 me 4 personal reasons,but U got me thru!L4L.”

Photos via EGO

Watch more performances at Mariah Daily Journal.

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  1. Kyle

    She definitely looks pregnant in the first pic.


  2. Yeah

    She is incredibly talented. The BEST singer in the world. I hope she is pregnant.


  3. From Tokyo

    I usually don’t criticize the site, which I actually do think is great and one of my favs, but what’s with this post title, when we know good and well that that’s all some people need? *sigh*


  4. AJC

    I’m so proud of her! The show was great! I hope she is pregnant :)


  5. WOW

    She’s been “pregnant” for 2 years now! UGH! when will you people get it? She’s just not working out!!!


  6. A Realist

    Lmfao @ the title of this post.

    Anyway, she still looks so beautiful. And she definitely has to be pregnant. Haha. I wish her and Nick the best.


  7. Disapointed

    Wow why RAP UP?
    Mariah is a legend.Why stressing subliminaly on something so superficial like this.
    This is so disrespectful and even worse than those gossip blogs who are calling her fat.
    I’m so disapointed.Leave her alone.


  8. cash

    the show was incredible, i hope she is having a lil legend.


  9. Harvey



  10. Melanie

    I love Mariah and I hope she is pregnant, but even if she’s not then I hope she is and stays happy.
    Rap Up your so rude with the title, why are people so critical on females? Rick Ross fat self is all over but nobody ever says anything, ugh so over it.


  11. truth

    look ! a singing cow


  12. KNUCK

    I think Rap-Up did the title in a respectful way. I mean we all think she might be pregnant, so get over it. I’m a lamb :) LYM


  13. shay

    I love mariah carey i know and love every song she has ever made…:)and pregnant or not shes still as beautiful as ever. i wish her the best and hope shes happy with whatever happens…i love the black dress.. :)


  14. Cupcakes

    She does look pregnant there is noway she could have her body transform this way if she wasn’t. I Have no doubt she is. Wish you all the best in this experience Mariah and hubby Nick. Love You XoXo.


  15. Trisha

    She sounded great.


  16. She def looks pregnant!

    I agree, she definitely looks pregnant in that first pic. There’s a baby bump :)


  17. She's trying to hide her pregnancy.

    I think she’s trying to hide her pregnancy like J-LO tried to and many other celebs. MC wouldn’t have passed on the Tyler Perry movie if she didn’t have a good excuse.


  18. ADH

    You know! Mariah keeps her life very private! I like how everyone is calling her fat, when in fact she is probably still smaller than the average sized woman of 14!!! Who gives a damn what her size looks like she is a married woman, she is not out here putting on looks for anyone else, plus when will people realize that she is not a teen-aged girl anymore, she is a grown woman, and was forced to be thin, when we all know she is meant to be curvy..Outside of that she definitely looks pregnant which is why she is rocking the empire waist, because we all know she wears fitted on the regular.


  19. naomie

    she does look pregnant, i hope she is too


  20. Diego

    AH our MIMI is pregnant. That lil baby is gonna be hella talented, it’s in her gens..i hope the pregnancy goes well for haters do you feel bad? lol


  21. Dream Lover

    It’s mine!


  22. mysterious

    woah, she looks chubby in the first pic


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