New Music: 50 Cent – ‘F**k You’ (Freestyle)

50 Cent

A few days after Cee-Lo heated up the Internet with the release of his new single “F**k You,” rapper 50 Cent puts his own spin on the feel-good jam. Though the remix leaves most of the original intact, Fifty adds a female-targeting verse at the beginning of the track, throwing in a few jabs at jealous dudes who act salty about him swimming in women. Hit the jump to download the freestyle and put a little sass in your Sunday.

Download: 50 Cent f/ Cee-Lo – “F**k You” (Freestyle)

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  1. SargeWP

    50 verse is oreety good reminds me of the old mixtape days lol, glad he’s using the faster flow


  2. A Realist

    I really like this song.


  3. Geoff

    Lol, that one verse was better than anything 50 has put out in years. :)


  4. crip

    ya ya dope


  5. Lina M

    Now ain’t that some sh8t.. Too funny.


  6. B. Anderson



  7. Reezy

    wish he rapped the whole song, his lil verse was tight


  8. Willy

    Nice way to take the theme of a song, and rap about the complete opposite.

    So now you have a verse of 50 Cent rapping about being a Cunt, and then a great song about it being better to not have that girl because she’s only in to Cunts…


  9. Capri92

    this shit go hard


  10. Capri92

    50 did well


  11. Capri92

    50 back


  12. Capri92

    dis da shit 4 5th cool


  13. Sly B.

    I rather the original, 50 wack.


  14. SargeWP

    @Willy You do realize he WAS on subject right? You can’t be that retarded. he ws rapping from the perspective of the guy that stole cee-lo’s girl.

    Jesus the american public school system has failed you. How can you not has critical anaysis skills on something so basic? lmao


  15. chris

    this is so about ciara red louboutins, bad by herself, paid = ciara


  16. GeeGee

    Chris shove a sock in your mouth. Bullshit’s pouring out.


  17. Will

    original and great just wished 50 rapped more than just 1 verse


  18. YoYo

    Nice spin 50 put on the song


  19. cicicent

    *cough* ciara *cough*


  20. jhuntdaprodigy

    Yeah that’s what I’m saying, 50 should’ve had another 12-16 bar verse in the middle


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