Video: Eve Heats Up Miami with The Roots


Eve surprised the crowd this past weekend at the Hennessy Artistry event at Miami’s Ice Palace. While headlining the night with a full set, The Roots brought out guests including Bobby Brown, Q-Tip, Kat DeLuna, and Daniel Merriweather, but shocked attendees when Eve waltzed out to perform her verse from their classic collabo “You Got Me,” which featured Merriweather filling in for Erykah Badu.

Rocking a tan blazer over a bikini top, the former First Lady of the Ruff Ryders graced the place with renditions of “Who’s That Girl?” (video below), “What Y’all Want,” and “Tambourine,” dominating as she catwalked across the stage. E-V-E closed out her brief set with “Let Me Blow Ya Mind.” Mission accomplished.

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  1. JD

    I love EVE!!!!


  2. Beyoncestan

    Who the _____ is Nicki? Every chick in the game & out devours Nicki


  3. ???

    @ Beyoncestan is a closeted Nicki fan. All you do is post about her. Why did you bring up her name again?


  4. keY

    thats my gandta bitch,few chocks in the game can it in that level, lol not the new coming one, really crap, studio’s stars


  5. Beyoncestan


    Not a Nicki fan just will keep bashing her till this generation understands what Real Hip Hop Is! I will keep riding for Real Hip Hop till yall understand that young money is the death of Hip Hop!

    Eve killed it & watching her proves why without an album & label she is still more relevant and more influential than Mrs. Cop A Face Minaj


  6. A Realist

    Stop hating on Nicki. It’s useless.

    Eve killed it. Damn. Just had a video of Missy pop up where she was performing, too. The girls coming back! Support the females.


  7. dayday

    eve always kills it nuff said i agree with a realist support all the females


  8. ponyo

    waiting for a hot single eve


  9. bass_man

    stop fuckin around eve


  10. Bk King

    EVE I Miss You Hunny B, You The Real Queen B Of This Game, Nicki Is The Princess <3



    OMFG!!!!! eve i missed you so much but cover upp okk.


  12. Melanie

    I die! I love Eve, and I love that she rocked that shit out, sounded great and didn’t need back up tracks and or a hype man to get the people moving, it was all her.
    I hope the female rappers are coming back, Nicki’s great but she can’ t rep for all us girls!


  13. KNUCK

    EVE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!



  14. Sharp Tongue

    Eve is my girl and i’m waiting on that new album.


  15. Sly B.

    now this is hip hop. . .


  16. From Tokyo

    I Love Eve! She is for real hip-hop! Real beauty and talent! Nothing but respect for her! And I miss her tv show! :(

    I like Kat DeLuna, too.


  17. jeremydante

    eve is the only female to rock those paw print breast tattoos & make them look sophisticated. get it eve. nicki bringing all the female rappers out the wood work.


  18. lies

    oh shiitttt she was snatcheeeeeeedddddd!!!


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