Video: Kanye West Returns to ‘SNL’

Kanye West

After his stinging remarks (“F**k ‘SNL’ and the whole cast”), Kanye West triumphantly returned to “Saturday Night Live” this weekend to make amends. Mr. West, clad head-to-toe in red with gold chains, ruled the white stage with his controversy starter “POWER,” omitting the diss, and “Runaway” with Pusha T and an assortment of ballerinas. All hail King Yeezy.


“Runaway” featuring Pusha T

Videos via YourAudioFix

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  2. dj mC. 1



  3. EL



  4. JhuntdaProdigy

    Only good part of SNL 2nite


  5. gimmemorebritney

    True Talent!


  6. missz



  7. max



  8. Phoenix_Wright

    did the finished version of runaway ever come out?

    I need the samples mannn! They are missing in the versioni got. that’s like the best thing about the song besides the hook.


  9. Nait Phoenix

    I loved both performances, but, the hell is up with Yeezy overly pushing those samples while Pusha T is on? There’s something rude about that, but it’s Yeezy so it’s not surprising… LOL


  10. sara1

    Am I the only person that thought that these performances looked rather messy? I like Runaway but this new obsession with Ballerina’s is not really working. So A+ for effort Kanye and a C+ for execution. A lil too much I feel.


  11. Crackcoc

    for anybody that was lookin for the definition of POWER, there you go.

    Can work for GREATNESS.


  12. mike

    DOPE. kanye is the man. sit down haters.


  13. Amanda

    i can’t see the videos!!


  14. Luke.



  15. KanYeezy

    noo !! you call that Synthesizer go check it out on wikipedia or something


  16. M!ke,

    i see how he changed the second verse since he was on SNL lol. but Kanye is such a visionary.


  17. WatDaWAT???

    Loved it da all white an everything
    I will always luv ye tho
    Made it look like his power vid


  18. Dan King

    Pusha T is Serious Talent…. These 2 should Be a Crew..)dk


  19. Lisa

    He’s amazing!


  20. JhuntdaProdigy

    @Dan King Kanye is the founder of the G.O.O.D. music label, and Pusha T is now signed to it, so they are part of a crew 2getha now


  21. Mii

    I hope those sound effects are on the official runaway.

    Dope Performances


  22. Rihanna Baby

    Dope shit kanye! I really couldn’t find anything wrong with the performances….I love them both


  23. Tev

    That shit was Epic


  24. Jan

    No other artist will ever compare to the true genius that is Kanye West …. True Greatness On Every G.O.O.D Friday So Far…. Bring on November 22nd!!


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