Meet Mary J. Blige’s 12-Year-Old Protégée Katlyn Nichol

Mary J. Blige may be the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, but she’s looking for a successor to the throne. Enter 12-year-old Katlyn Nichol, the newest signing to Mary’s Matriarch Records/Def Jam. The Fayetteville, North Carolina singer joined MJB on stage at her Radio City Music Hall concert earlier this week. After singing a few bars of her classic “I’m Goin’ Down,” Mary passed the mic to the pint-sized diva and had her belt out the rest of the song.

Watch her soulful rendition on YouTube, and if you like what you hear, check Katlyn’s covers of Rihanna’s “Take a Bow” and Alicia Keys’ “No One” below.

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  1. mistwalker

    wow this girl can really hold a note she has great voice control 4 her age with the right producers she can go really far


  2. Feng

    she look like meagan good with good vocals.
    people need to hear more talents like this..


  3. jarvis

    Do record execs and artist turn to youtube now to sign artists’ now? smh


  4. Ashley

    jarvis apparently im sure there’s more to her just being on Youtube, it’s not like she’s pulling in a million views. Looks like she’s doing anything to be found. Great for her, she has a better voice than most people in the music industry now anyway. I look forward to see what they do with her.


  5. Cindy

    Proud of you baby girl! You keep up the good work…miss you!


  6. gab

    wow great vocals she has potential


  7. Necie

    That young lady can SANG!!! I loved it!


  8. Kepha

    Reguardless of what or where talent comes from music will continue to be part of our lives, and we all can admit this child has what it takes in the business, the most important thing is the diamond was discovered, let’s all enjoy it and admire it through the window. Thanks Mary J Bleige hail to the Queen.


  9. melissa

    i go to your school.Keep up the great work!your awesome.


  10. melissa

    keep up the great work. your fantastic!


  11. bo locklear

    u go girl u sounding GREAT!!!!


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