Video: Starshell – ‘SuperLuva’

Starshell and Mary J. Blige

Meet Starshell, the first female artist signed to Mary J. Blige’s Matriarch Records. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter behind MJB’s “I Can See in Color” and “Closer” channels the 1985 sci-fi flick Weird Science in the Petro-directed music video for “SuperLuva.” In the retro clip, the up-and-comer sports a handful of looks while commanding a group of backup dancers, posing with her mentor who makes a cameo.

In addition to the Fernando Garibay-produced lead single, Starshell has worked with, Scott Storch, Jerry Wonda, Swizz Beatz, Ne-Yo, and Jeff Bhasker on her 2011 debut.

Get acquainted with the new starlet by watching below.

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  1. michael

    hot!!!!!!!!!! sounds very European. should b a hit across europe if its promoted well.


  2. Yourboycelebrity

    Wow she’s gorgeous, Bout time they made a video! This song was Lady Gaga’s First, But this version Is Better!


  3. 2NIPS

    real bad


  4. harvey

    This bishh Starshell rocks, I’ma look out for her album cause Supaluva is EPIC I hope it slays pop charts.


  5. chunel

    wow she write the soulful ” I can see in Color” and then she sings THAT ?!!! Pffff holy crap !


  6. SupportToni

    I’m SOOO mad @ Mary right now! When Whitney Houston invited her on stage @ Divas Live ’99 to sing with her mainstream pop opened up to her and see beyond the ‘hood’ and started recognizing her talent for what it is. This act of love/kindness on miss Houston’s part brought Mary’s carrier to a whole new level. She should’ve perpetuated that tradition by giving someone who otherwise wouldn’t have gotten a break in the mainstream market (i.e. girls from the hood with raw talent or girls who don’t necessarily look like the ‘it’ girl but with REAL skills) a frikin’ chance. Now we got yet another skinny, light skinned gurl with non-brown eyes and NO, I repeat NO frikin’ talent polluting our radio waves. She look like she ’bout to fall asleep by her own boring @ss, weak vocals, dumb @ss song, SMDH! Mary’s a sell out, just about the benjamin’s these dayz, grrrrr, I’m out! T.


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  8. Fred S.

    Starshell is beautiful and talented and I want to marry her. MJB, I want to marry you, but you are already taken. MJB is on her biz-shit. Akon made millions off of Lady Ga-Ga. MJB is trying to get her millions up and help another sistah out in the process. Stop hating and start supporting. I think Starshell will give the current music chicks a run for their money. She is beautiful, slim and can sing…at least on wax. MJB just has to make sure that she can sing live.


  9. highe

    @SupportToni… Mary is not a sellout ; shes a f*cking icon. She’s turned from a hood-rat/drug addict to a businesswoman/inspiration so when you see this little light skinned girl singing a Lady Gaga throwaway it’s all apart strategy. She’ll have the European market buzzing with this record and since the girl is a talented song-writer I’m sure she can switch it up with some soul music. Plus Mary has an artist named Dave Young who’s a real soulful brotha so look out for him.


  10. SupportToni

    Don’t get me wrong, just ‘ cause I’m upset don’t mean I don’t got no luv for her. I just understand why people who got a say in the bizz need to compensate actual artistry with this watered down goo-goo-Ga-Ga-mommy-I-go-diaper-rash kinda bull. Dave Young huh? I’ll check em out, thnx, T.


  11. SupportToni

    *correction* I just DON’T understand…etc* and I’m talking about having luv for Mary, I don’t know this NKOTB, T.


  12. Havistraan



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