Kanye West Suits Up in New Photos

Kanye West

The Internet got a glimpse of Kanye West when a scandalous photo of his leaked last week, but now the rapper is sharing photos he did intend for the world to see. ‘Ye goes shirtless, covering himself with a floral-print blazer in one of three photos from a recent shoot. The suave MC tweeted the images in which he dons various suits and tuxedos. Click below to see why he was recently named Stylemaker of the Year.

Kanye West Kanye West

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  1. yeps

    i’d sex it


  2. jojo

    kanye be lookin all sortsa hawttt….HAWTNESS MONSTER..i lav eet1


  3. Hey

    dont like the pics, its too much shadow in it, they coulda did something cool with the color in post too…these actually look pretty bad, kanye usually chooses good photographers.


  4. JuLien

    Better than the naked “photoshoot” loool


  5. CheChilia



  6. AAA

    Kill it uncle


  7. jeremydante

    the first image looks really good. the others, could be improved.


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  9. Alica Illar

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