New Music: Diggy Simmons – ‘Rising to the Top’ (Freestyle)

Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons rhymes over a Keni Burke beat almost twice his age on the Uncle Murda-assisted “Rising to the Top.” “I’m feeling like Nas in his prime,” boasts the boy wonder. Rev Run’s son shouts out the late Jam Master Jay and shows that he’s skilled beyond his 15 years on the breezy freestyle.

Diggy Simmons f/ Uncle Murda – “Rising to the Top” (Freestyle)

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  1. whatever

    Diggy my friend I “LOVE” you!!!!!!!!! <3 This is HOT!!!


  2. JF

    He looks like a chick in that pic O_o Nice makeup, girl.


  3. jeremydante

    it’s not make-up, it’s called retouching.
    & im not sure why this is being referred to as a freestyle- unless he’s spitting it off dome on the spot it’s probably a written verse à la drake.

    no shade to his talent.
    im just trying to clarify hip-hop defined terms, people are quick to use words out of context. it’s crucial to be clear through terminology.


  4. that kid

    @JF those are the sounds of a hater doing what they do best–hating. leave the guy alone.


  5. You Kno Me


    a freestyle is a verse without a real subject. educate yourself on music before u make a comment.


  6. Ahdiet

    this is sweeet


  7. QueenFem

    He is so handsome


  8. VA 4 Life

    Awww! Diggy is my dude and I love it! People shouldn’t give him flack just because he is the son of a legend, especially if he is talented and he is! This is a real smooth track.

    He does look a lil…um feminine in this pic though. At least he doesn’t sound like a girl *cough* Justin Bieber *cough* Diggy has plenty of base in his voice. Lol. He can’t help it if he is a pretty boy.

    I just can’t wait until Diggy and CB collaborate together, well, they already have, but that was garbage. Lol! I need a hit from them!


  9. cubevision

    gotta give diggy his props on this. defo feeling this sound


  10. Chris

    dude got talent better than most on ym and soulja boy


  11. specialt

    You got to give it to Diggy he sounds better than JoJo.


  12. roro

    in a world where rappers below 18 should be banned from debuting music, a 15 year old finally displays more maturity than all y’all 30 year old rappers out there
    soulja boy, learn something from this kid.
    50 cent, learn something from this kid.


  13. LOL

    everybody knows if he lived in the suburbs with a normal family his ass would not be tryin to rap. NEXT!


  14. Dom

    Diggy you the bad man i got to give you props this is dope. I dont know what happen to you, its like your rising man thats all I have to say.


  15. Rachel

    Why does he look like a girl. He real pretty.


  16. M.R



  17. lynn

    this is so good! diggy i love you!


  18. satta

    iLoveeeeee Diggy Simmons . He’s BEAUTIFUL ♥ Just Saying [:

    P.S. iCant Wait Til His Music Comes Out !


  19. selena

    what girl looking at do not let me find out or i will cry:(


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