New Music: T.I. f/ Christina Aguilera – ‘Castle Walls’

T.I. and Christina Aguilera

T.I. and Christina Aguilera reflect on the hardships of being a superstar on “Castle Walls,” the new single from Tip’s seventh album No Mercy (Dec. 7). Produced by Alex Da Kid and co-written with his artist Skylar Grey, the somber tune shows the King of the South at his rawest. “The dangers don’t equate to all the time it take away from ya kids,” admits the incarcerated rapper during his introspective verses.

“It’s hip-hop, it’s electro, but I think it’s gonna lend itself to a broad audience,” Alex Da Kid previously told Rap-Up TV. “It has some kind of substance to it in the lyrics. It should work on radio and in the club, hopefully.”

Knock down their walls below.

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  1. mike



  2. RajibDavid

    Amazing song!!!! Congratulations Xtina!


  3. Ron

    Love the song! Ti’s rapping and Xtina’s vocals equal magic!!


  4. A Realist

    Hmm not as good as I thought it would be. Maybe its a grower.


  5. nicole

    wow love it. christina’s voice is amazing as always.


  6. let's be real

    That’s a great beat/ production. His rap is better then his last attempts, and her voice really compliments his. I thought his album might be wack but this gives me new interest in it. I love it.


  7. Lisa

    Amazing. My favorite Hip Hop/Pop collaboration of the year.


  8. Daire

    Cant Wait for No Mercy!


  9. Kyndra



  10. ...

    Production’s good, Christina is perfect on the track, but yet another prison-related T.I. track about how hard it is to be famous, how we really don’t know what he goes through, etc. I bet he has at least one more of them before his career is through.

    How about this, TIP? If it’s so hard to be famous, how about you put down the mic and retire?


  11. Dean

    Great song, it’s gonna be a huge hit! Christina and T.I. are fantastic on this track!


  12. Apop

    Love the song! Both sound amazing and love the softer side of Xtina on this one. Can’t wait for it on Itunes.


  13. AnkkA

    AMAZING!! they look really cute together! too bad they’re not a couple! lol


  14. Dave

    It slays, THEY SLAY!


  15. sagb

    its a hit when is this getting released?


  16. totz


    the song is amazing and its also hard


  17. tikk

    sounds meh to me, nothing memorable, I’d be shocked if it became a hit since it’s too slow


  18. tiffany

    best rapper

    AND MEEEEEEEEEEN chris brown, jasmine sullivan, kid cudi, and now christina aguilera

    waouw just beautiful peoooooooooooople

    album of the year with the nelly’s one and the kery’s one and the ciara’s one and the nerd’s one


  19. xxx


    you’re right! they really do look great together…
    and they both have such ugly partners…i know jordan is christina’s ex…but he’s just ugh…and tiny…not even drunk i would take her

    and it’s really a great song!


  20. sihle

    Great song, great beats,lyrics and voice from xtina,just dont understand y some ppl criticize T.I for rapping about whats goin on in his life, prison etc. Its only relevant, unlike Wayne who raps only about pussy, pussy, and more pussy,but he is never criticized. Anyway T.I good song!


  21. jean



  22. Josh

    Amazing song! It’s a pure hit! Way better than Eminem/Rihanna collab. Christina sounds amazing on this and T.I’s verses are so damn good!


  23. chet

    sick! alex did his thing on the production.


  24. janet

    DOPE! ti and christina both did great on this track!


  25. jhuntdaprodigy

    Tip’s verses aren’t as lyrical as he can be IMO, but they work. If this record can’t become a hit, then ain’t no record on the album gonna be a hit! And No Mercy has pretty much leaked btw! I Can’t Help It, Amazing, That’s All She Wrote, Welcome To The World, Poppin’ Bottles, and now Castle Walls. The album is just alright, not halfway as good as Paper Trail. IDK how he just lost it like that, but Tip ain’t as good anymore it seems


  26. Chri$

    SICK song, SICK album, SICK artist, SICK everything!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. HUH?

    Lol @ Josh lets c if it will be bigger then the Eminem/Rihanna Collabo (i highly doubt that tho)


  28. ChristinaAguilera

    Amazing song with an amazing singer- Christina Aguilera<3 Love Dis Song !!


  29. Sihle

    @huh? This is better than luv the way u lie, it is more introspective and production is quite great, really unique. Real talk


  30. Sihle

    @huh? This is better than luv the way u lie, it is more introspective and production is quite great, really unique. Real talk!


  31. andy

    this is just great! awesome lyrics! one of the best songs ive heard this year! December, 7!! can’t wait for this album to drop…


  32. QWERTY

    Its alright, but someone said its better than Love The Way You Lie? No way…


  33. xx

    pretty good, but the concepts r getting the same. airplanes (B.o.B), love the way u lie (Em), i’m coming home (Diddy), i need a doctor (Dr. Dre), then this one. alex da kid should make another rhyme.
    congratz for becoming a such talented producer anyway
    just keep gettin better! =)


  34. K-Rano

    Bad TUNE! Alex Da Kid is the 1!


  35. HaredCarter

    Everything is sick and dope!.


  36. Chrystal

    I love it. can’t wait for the video. Ready to request this song on the radio.


  37. Jack

    the album totally leaked….its perfection!


  38. TI_Aguilera_wins



    The beat of this song is beautiful.



  39. thestylisto

    see this is the way i love christina aguilera to look. she look amazing in that picture above. but lately she has been looking a total mess! please give us back this christina a.


  40. tikk

    some of you guys must be kidding, Love the way you lie totally shits-on-this!!


  41. Bee

    This is incredible, not only Xtina but T.i’s verses are awesome

    It would be even greatest if Eminem’s was in there, too.


  42. snchzz

    Кристина великолепна!


  43. MUSIC DAZZLE » || New Music: T.I. f/ Christina Aguilera – 'Castle Walls'

    [...] || New Music: T.I. f/ Christina Aguilera – 'Castle Walls' [...]

  44. Soloman

    I see ‘Love the Way You Lie’ production on the song.
    Love X-Tina’s vocal on this so much.
    Still Tip did a good job.
    The theme of the song looks cool too.


  45. Lisa

    I love that she kept the vocals so toned down for the entire song. She is the best.


  46. diego

    Chrisitna Aguilera is the queen of music! The best vocalist, and the only one who can actually perform live recently


  47. Brandon

    I am loving this song!!!


  48. From Tokyo

    Dang, ya’ll got to argue everything. This isn’t Eminem or Rihanna. Just focus on the song and the people singing it. Argue over absolutely EVERYTHING! smdh


  49. From Tokyo

    Forgot to say, nice song. Christina’s voice is a treasure. I don’t listen to her regularly but her voice is the best in the game I can think of right now.


  50. No Mercy FTW

    Damn, i can’t stop hearing it…


  51. emem



  52. hmm

    Love the song and Xtina’s vocals are amazing. And the one thing about her is that she is able to sing live unlike some others who rely on technology to augment their vocal abilities and then can’t reproduce the sound when the perform live.


  53. REALDUDE10

    CHRISTINA IS THE BEST INTERNATIONAL LIVE FEMALE PERFORMER IN THE WORLD. this song is simply amazing. This song must be released. Both T.I. and Christina both have had rough times this year and THIS WOULD BE AN EPIC TREAT FOR BOTH THESE SUPERSTARS! Song has such raw emotions, and truth. It really speaks to all those people who feel trapped.

    Honestley, I believe this song will be Record of the Year 2011! SO BIG! SO INTERNATIONALLY APPEALLING! IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS RECORD. ALEX, IS GONNA BE RICH!




  54. Lisa

    Just amazing!


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