‘VH1 Divas’ Costumes for Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson Revealed!

VH1 Divas

The USO troops are going to get an eyeful. Design duo The Blonds have released a sneak peek sketch of the skimpy outfits Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, Katy Perry, and Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles will be wearing for “VH1 Divas Salute the Troops,” with each performer decked out in white-and-gold mesh corset dresses with star and crystal detailing courtesy of Dimpy Sethi and David & Phillipe.

Miss Keri is already gearing up for the big day, taping tomorrow at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, Calif., and airing Sunday at 9 p.m. on VH1. In the video below, the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer kicks it with military men during rehearsals. Additional artists including Paramore and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals will rock the crowd right during the Kathy Griffin-hosted gig. Get ready for your dose of diva.

Sketch courtesy of The Blonds/VH1

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  1. jeremydante

    where nicki at? we wanna see nicki.


  2. OnlyBoy

    Really nice… i know nicki gonna look FLAWLESS!!! Wish Rihanna was coming tho


  3. nASSty

    this lame now the diva show use to be good


  4. CB Lawste like Gnauze

    Why do Keri and Nicki look like skinny white women?


  5. beingme

    What happened to VH1 divas having real singers and divas?


  6. haha

    keri is the only one that is probly that skinny lol jk


  7. blahblah

    @ beingme, that all changed when they let Miley Cyrus perform a while back, that and where have all the diva’s gone?


  8. Phoenix_Wright

    yall some haters lol


  9. Rihanna Baby

    beyonce needs to come and show these hoes how its done


  10. Luel14

    ^you can say that again honey. They ain’t no divas. Sorry.


  11. Honey

    Wtf .. Why are they white.. Katy and that other chick look like it but why tha hell didnt they make dem brown.. Smh!!


  12. WOW

    WOW So Many Haters On This Site SMH Yall Haters Kill Yall Self………


  13. Hmm

    I like how Nicki wore nothing close to what was drawn for her.


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