New Music: Kid Sister – ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’

Kiss Kiss Kiss

Kid Sister puckers up on the dance-minded “Kiss Kiss Kiss,” the title track from her mixtape dropping next month via Fool’s Gold Records. On the Afrojack-produced tune, the Chi-town femcee gets busy over a jungle rhythm, commanding listeners to sock it to her while blowing some kisses her way.

The bubbly rapper also turns 2.0 in the video for Carte Blanche’s “Do! Do! Do!” off Black Billionaires – The Remixes EP, giving viewers makeup lessons on YouTube and playing around on Facebook. Get your fill of Kid Sis below.

Kid Sister – “Kiss Kiss Kiss”

[Fake Shore Drive]

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  1. Brionna

    Ever since she dissed nicki I can’t fuk wit herr


  2. MrKalebBlake

    This music is really good! Kind of early 90s, but not retro enough to be annoying. I love it.


  3. Ash3s

    and she said ppl take her seriously.. really?


  4. Nait Phoenix

    Very underrated. I LIKE IT!!!


  5. YEAH

    Kidsister GOES OFF!! LOVE HER!!


  6. ?

    Kid Sister never dissed Nicki.. ? Prove me wrong if I am that.


  7. Ebony

    Yeah.. Idk about the whole dissing Nicki Minaj thing.. but Kid Sister’s awesome. Loved the Pro Nail vid.. and her brother’s hot.


  8. Chris Shorts

    she is really diffrent i like her


  9. noah harrington

    sexy boos baby


  10. noah harrington

    merry me


  11. noah harrington

    i’m on face but i don’t have pic what’s your number


  12. drizzy2

    Kid Sister is back! yesss this song is a thumbs up! cant wait for more!!!


  13. K

    This shit is HOT!!! Freakin love Kid Sis…


  14. From Tokyo

    I’ve been wondering what’s been going on with her! I like Kid Sister! She’s the only female rapper I’ve been into (aside from Missy) for a minute now. I can’t wait until her mix tape comes out.


  15. Boy Wonder

    She didn’t diss Nicki she just said that after hearing Nicki’s “Gettin Paid” verse (which was all she heard of Nicki at that time) she wondered did people take her seriously. Not a diss just a judgement based off one song.

    I like the 2nd song but not as much as the 1st. #TeamFemcee


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