Video: Nicki Minaj Reports for ‘Diva’ Duty

Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry

Nicki Minaj did her diva duty by performing for the USO Presents “VH1 Divas Salute the Troops” at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, Calif. The curly, blonde-haired femcee sang “Right Thru Me” before joining Katy Perry for Cyndi Lauper’s playful “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” in the televised portion of the show. She also delivered “Roman’s Revenge” and “Moment 4 Life” for the men and women of the military.

Despite the sometimes negative connotation, the raptress does not object to being called a diva. “It’s not a negative,” she tells VH1. “I always looked at Whitney and Mariah as divas because to me, they are women who took control of their careers and you can kinda tell that they are the brains behind their vision and behind their brand. And so yes, I’m a diva.”

Relive Nicki’s diva-tastic moments below.

Nicki Minaj – “Right Thru Me”

Katy Perry x Nicki Minaj – “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

Nicki Minaj: “I’m a diva”

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  1. YEAH



  2. Josh

    Divas?? Now,these losers turning a diva? Oh lord,get me out of this world!


  3. YEAH

    @ Josh
    A diva is a female version of a hustler. LOL


  4. OnlyBoy

    i liked Nicki in the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video… she looked and sounded cute! but every Right Thru Me performance has been garbage!!!! lol Especially with that so called high note mid way thru it… girl leave it to the BU Singers! lol cute tho


  5. Mz.Drizzy

    2 words for nicki …hot, mess


  6. Brionna

    If you are referring to Nicki sje is far from a loser but I think u know that love u Nick


  7. sagb

    lol @ yeah
    & i think it will be a good idea for katy,nicki,rihanna,& ke$ha to remake girls just wanna have fun that will be interesting


  8. Trey

    @Josh do me a favor and kill yoself… NIcki’s dope


  9. Yo

    For the peeps that missed the other performance:

    Why does she remind me of those wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man commercial at the end of “Roman’s Revenge”? LOL.


  10. jrellamiller

    good for you nicki……….yeah yeah yeah


  11. M!ke

    Nicki did sound good singing w/ Katie Perry tho


  12. Dave

    A hot mess. She did sound ok singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with Katy Perry though.


  13. Jordan

    Its a shame that Nicki did better on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” than Katy Perry. Nicki was to excited to even put her all into “Right Thru Me”. Cute performances though. Keep Truckin lol.


  14. jeremydante

    nicki did really good with the vocals on “girls just wanna have fun” – she is killing it right now, from every angle. wish she wore something more military though, since it’s such a large trend right now.


  15. bass_man

    she killed Girls Just Wanna Have Fun; but her stage prescence is awful.


  16. massiveattack5

    nicki seriously surprised me on girls just wanna have fun. i always thought she should stick to rapping, but if she has the talent to sing as well why not use it? great job nicki u killin it!! <3


  17. mal

    Nicki didnt sound HALF BAD!!! go NICKI!!!!!


  18. @Monster Barb



  19. Soloman

    Nice performance! Both Nicki & Katy :D


  20. tiffany

    katy perry………… what a shame…………..


  21. eliana



  22. ikridroc

    sign my boobs!!!! @ 1:28 lol..i can;t even hear nicki the crowd is going crazy


  23. ikridroc

    dammmmmnnnnnnnnnnnn nicki can sing?!!! nicki can sing. wow i wasn’t expecting that O_o nicki never ceases to amaze me and her voice is great for pop music :) album is should just be pop songs where you just singing. i love it ..

    .and nicki minaj, katy perry, lady gaga, rihanna and ke$ha need to remake this song.


  24. vee

    i wasnt expecting nicki to sound that good on girls just wanna have fun she actually sounded better than Katy and katy’s the singer LOL and yes i agree katy perry nicki minaj rihanna and lady gaga and kesha really do need to remake this song


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