Wiz Khalifa Announces Lineup for ‘Black and Yellow’ Remix

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa has the whole country repping for Pittsburgh with his anthem “Black and Yellow,” and he’s about to keep the momentum going with the official remix.

Numerous unofficial remixes have appeared online from Young Jeezy, Teairra Mari, and T-Pain, which Wiz calls one of his favorites. But the 23-year-old rapper told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez that the official remix, or G-MIx as he calls it, will feature Snoop Dogg, Jeezy, Three 6 Mafia’s Juicy J, and T-Pain.

Wiz also dropped a “crazy” new verse on the track and hinted that another artist may join the lineup before it’s released. “We tryna get somebody else on there,” he said. “I’m tryna like say his name and make him be on it.”

The breakout star’s Atlantic Records debut is due next year, but no official date has been set.

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  1. BitchImMe

    i was excited but now the lineup is just…… -_-


  2. jhuntdaprodigy

    This line-up sucks. Why couldn’t he have got J. Cole, Wale, Drake, & Cudi? That would’ve been a line-up!


  3. Miniblock

    i agree with you dude…
    but anyway this guy sucks….. and his music too


  4. okay

    ikr @jhuntdaprodigy but that has already been done;
    I just hope its creative


  5. MusicAddict

    i just hope J.Cole would be there


  6. Raheem T

    damn son,but wiz just won’t do the rmx any justice if he fails to call out my ni99a Fab. Homie had the best rmx so far ive heard on that “white n navy” shit imo.


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    I mean Wiz isn’t THAT big anyway way so his line up is cool.


  8. mimi

    he should add nicki


  9. DesireeP

    @Mimi word

    But I SWEAR this guy sucks.. But I respect his hustle..


  10. T-Mac

    He gotta put Game on it. That boy murked recently dropped Purp & Yellow. Not lookin’ forward to Snoop verse. He sounds so repetitive. Should retire already.


  11. Cameraman

    We need an ALBUM TITLE and a RELEASE DATE…You have more buzz than most others who did that.



  12. yeahyeah

    Fucking haters….


  13. Carmen

    He looks so ugh in this picture. Like a crackhead monster.

    Funny when female celebs have a bad day lookin this raggedy, they get it but the men can look like shit and nobody cares.


  14. tiffany

    the tyga’s one is perfect


  15. the poet

    i for the life of me dt understand why ppl take the tim e out of their day to read a whole article & then hate on somebody….thats so unproductive…


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  17. indeed

    t-pain had to be on it. he killed his version of it..


  18. ayshia

    damn he so sexy……hope off hoes he all mine….!!!!!!


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