5 Must-Hear Songs on Keri Hilson’s ‘No Boys Allowed’

No Boys Allowed

Keri Hilson takes control on her sophomore album No Boys Allowed, holding it down for the ladies on the follow-up to last year’s In a Perfect World… Executive produced by Timbaland and Polow Da Don and featuring contributions from Danja, John Legend, Boi-1da, Ne-Yo, and more, Miss Keri’s latest effort offers the female perspective on the sizzling songs, with the male ban lifted for guest stars Rick Ross, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Nelly, and J. Cole. Rap-Up.com highlights five must-hear tracks ahead of the album’s release next Tuesday.

“Buyou” featuring J. Cole
Keri already ripped her man a new one on the leaked Lil’ Kim-assisted version of this horn-festooned banger, but the album version offers a male perspective courtesy of J. Cole. After Miss Keri lays out her requirements for a sugar daddy, the Roc Nation MC comes into the fold, rapping about an intellectual chick who ended up with the wrong guy. “I see ya, it’s hard not to see ya/ Face like Aaliyah, and plus a college degree-a/ Climbing up the ladder at that full-time job/ Tell me how the hell you end up with a full-time slob?” he asks.

“One Night Stand” featuring Chris Brown
Produced by Tank and Kevin McCall, this scintillating slow jam is a boy vs. girl affair, with each singer representing for the opposite sex as they beg one another for another night together. Keri takes first verse duties as she alluringly coaxes her man into coming over for a second rendezvous, harmonizing with Breezy on the rich chorus before he sings about kissing his girl “from your head to your feet” and treating her like a princess. A battle of the sexes hasn’t sounded this hot in a minute.

“Gimme What I Want”
Stern synthesizers introduce this boss bitch anthem where Keri demands her boy to cut the games and give her what she wants. The mid-tempo banger gives Keri space to lay out what she needs from a man to satisfy her every need. “Pull the trigger, ya ladies shoot ‘em up/ Turn into Killer Keri with that drink up in my cup/ Where my sexy, sexy fellas with that money in their pocket?” she poses on the cut.

“All the Boys”
Keri tones it down on “All the Boys,” written by John Legend and produced by Fugees affiliate Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis. Bidding adieu to all her exes, the songstress admits that she’s finally found her true romance after years of searching. “After all the boys that I thought I loved before/ I didn’t know what love was ’til you knocked on my door,” emotes Keri on the bouncy arrangement accented by deep cello melodies and light piano chords.

“Won’t Be Long” featuring Timbaland
Keri teams up with longtime collaborator Timbaland on the disco-inflected “Wont Be Long,” an upbeat track included on the deluxe version of the LP. With spinning instrumentation packed with synths and dizzying percussion, Keri and Timbo predict the future by singing in tandem about dominating the club with their feel-good rhythms. “I walk alone/ Dream in my pocket/ And I’ma touch that moon/ I don’t need no rocket,” declares Keri before kicking it with Tim on the infectious chorus.

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  1. Phillybul

    I love her!


  2. Boy Wonder

    Kinda excited. Breaking Point had me digging the record but The Way That You Love Me and Blind kinda lowered my hopes for it. I think it still might turn out dope tho.


  3. OH YEAH!

    cant’t wait to hear the full album! im buyin it!


  4. @BoiWitOutAH3Art



  5. @georgekhoen

    I can’t wait to listen all the full tracks!


  6. king

    i wont be be buyin dis shit


  7. mike

    what about Lose Control !?? it’s the best song without a doubt, it’s like Rude Boy part 2, i cant wait to hear it full


  8. g3

    cant wait to cop this album she came hard with this one the snippets all sound gudd


  9. tyler

    ^^^ WHO CARES???





  10. kia 'barbz' minaj

    Yeah dis album is damn near perfection


  11. laugh out loud

    keri does it again this album is going to be so good. Her album hasnt even leaked so good only 6 more days till “No boys Allowed” is released. On another note “whos cedric”?


  12. credits

    Ready for this album, ‘wont be long’ sounds like that timbo-keri chemistry i need, the chemistry i crave from them together, since return the favor, the way i are and anything else they are on together, even when he is not on it and he just produces it, she really compliments his beats.


  13. Scarlette

    Nelly’s going to be on the album! i such a huge fan of that Liv Tonight song! Best song on 5.0!


  14. YES!

    From the cover to the music = Perfection. Keri Hilson is #Winning


  15. Kyle

    Does anyone know what the other songs will be on the deluxe version??? I am getting really excited for this album next week. In the meantime, Ciara will hold me over until then:)


  16. ughreally

    I think I’m going to actually and yes suprisingly like Keri Hilson’s new album. If the next single is good I’ll buy it. I like “Toy Soldiers”, and “Pretty Girl Rock” and love “Breaking Point.”. The Chris Brown record with Tank behind it will be great . Just need to hear 1 or 2 more songs to know if at least half the album is hot.


  17. justin

    Lose Control seems the bestest I wanna hear that one so bad


  18. Kyle

    I still can’t get into “Pretty Girl Rock,” even if my life depended on it. It’s just too girly and young for me; which is understandable I guess. I still really like “Breaking Point” and everything else I’ve heard so far is really good. I know this will be a hot album. “Gimmie What I Want” seems like it’ll be a good track.



    Bonus tracks include Hustler, Lie To Me, Won’t Be Long (final mastered version different from the one that leaked) & Fearless (itunes bonus). This album is going to be FIRE! I knew All The Boys was going to be great!


  20. On Night Stand

    No Boys Allowed is gonna be hands down the best female R&B album of 2010 im so proud of Keri as an artist and she shows t=time and time again that shes a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. I cannot wait to hear One Night Stand in full.


  21. ikridroc

    not interested…but all the best keri :)


  22. In The Business

    What the hell is the big deal about “One Night Stand”? It sounds kind of out-dated to me. I hope that YOU guys don’t like it just because of Chris Brown? I mean, why wouldn’t she just feature Tank, since he was the producer behind it? Chris Brown is not a MAN. He is a boy. Ugh! However, on a different note. The whole entire album is fire. Besides…

    Breaking Point..
    One Night Stand..



  23. Lose Control

    This album is AMAZING !! Keri hilson has stepped it up A LOT, Lose Control, All The Boys, One Night Stand, Gimme What I Want, Yhe Way You Love Me, The ENTIRE album is just… wow ! Congrats Keri ! Buy the album, I am !!


  24. Yas

    I think TOY SOLDIERS is her best work yet.


  25. donna jean

    keri hilson is muh hero.she knows what she wants n she gets it no matter how many haters she got.this album is goen tah be wassup so fuqq dha haters nd get wats urs keri:)


  26. Jaa

    I LOVE this Album!!!!!! No boys Allowed is FANTASTIC!!!! Vocals are amazing it’s great. Go Keri!!!


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