New Music: R. Kelly – ‘When a Woman Loves (Remix)’

R. Kelly

R. Kelly picks up the speed on the remix to his single “When a Woman Loves,” included on the deluxe version of his recent release Love Letter. With a revamped rhythm and snap-happy instrumentation, the ebullient tune features Kellz singing against a ’60s era doo-wop chorus and a popping piano melody that carries his optimistic vocals. Put on a smiling face and listen to the brisk song below.

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  1. TheOne1


    I’d also like to hear the song “Fallin’ Hearts.”


  2. WOWW

    My God!!!!!! This man is a fucking genius!!


  3. D. Kellz

    I’ll be the first to say this time that i love this version of this song because it takes you back to a different and most popular time in music back in the good days when such great artist were writing music and i love this album and Kellz really went in on this album and i can honestly say that this is a complete album and i love every song and it does not matter if he sells 1 copie or a million this man is a genious at what he does and he truly is THE KING OF R&B! And his sales and producing skills and awards and platinum statis proves it! I only stat the facts many people will like this and many will not but at the end of the day i miss the great artist like Tank, Avant, El Debarge, Ronald Isley, Gerald Levert, Ginuwine, Usher, I appreciate there music they actually spoke about love and actually made great albums but Kellz is the KING! I respect music and especially real R&B music and i love when a artist can create new and great music and take us back to a time where few of us was born but by me being 25 i can appreciate great music and i appreciate you Kellz one of your biggest fans much respect! May you always bring a little bit of music back that we will never forget and also may Michael Jackson R.I.P Kellz respects you and we all love you.


  4. WOWW

    This man is a musical genius.

    R. Kelly >>>>>> every R&B artist.


  5. Phoenix_Wright

    YESSSS I was waiting for it! Once I heard it on the Soul Train Awards =) *buying deluxe edition*


  6. Dillon_68

    Kellz, you are my hero.


  7. beystanbish

    this reminds me of when fools fall in love.


  8. Cherry

    Am I the only one that still can’t get over R. Kelly urinating on a 14 year old girl’s face before having sex with her??? I saw that sex tape and it was disturbing. How can you all forget so quickly and pump him up like this? As a young woman, I can’t knowingly support someone like that. Sorry!


  9. D. Kellz

    @Cherry I never have forgot about what he has done to that girl but who am to judge a man when there are many men and woman who have done the same or worst and the only man who can judge a man on judgment day is GOD. I will always love his music and i will never forget what he did but i dont hold that against his music we have artist who have done things we may never hear about and seen things that we all believe is bad and terrible but ultimately GOD can only judge you and God is a forgiving GOD. We have had men shoot little kids, rape little kids, police that have killed people and got away with things that are terrible in the world i dont fault anyone for there downs and their own mistakes in life. Yes R. Kelly was very wrong for what he did and it was very bad but it takes two to indulge in an act and he was wrong for that under age woman and she was wrong for going along with it no matter how much money he may have gave her or what not but who am i to judge anybody like ive said his music is beautiful and GOD did bless him with talent! Just like Michael Jackson was accused many times for touching little kids but only GOD can judhe him. So i say to the world and people who may hate R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant and many more people for what they have done in life who are we to judge only GOD can do that and they have to answer to GOD! And GOD is a forgiving GOD and he has truly blessed R. Kelly with a talent he blessed Michael Jackson with a talent so lets give the judgment to GOD! Love life and love who you love and we all have our own taste and we all like who we want to like so if i like R. Kelly then thats who i like but let GOD judge him God bless everyone in this world and never let the devil defeat us or anybody.


  10. Jo

    Oh shutup will ya? There’s always some idiots that try to bring some negativity into anything R Kelly-related, just give it a break, get a job or something, and leave the proven-innocent man alone. He doesn’t owe you anything, if you can’t get over something he didn’t do, then why did you search his name up? Really, tell me. If you watched that kind of stuff, then that is illegal, and in fact makes YOU sick. And Cherry, good, Kellz don’t need your support, haters gonna hate SMH.


  11. Jo

    Anyways, this guy is a genius, I mean, he sang,produced, and wrote the whole album himself! I mean dam! What talent! I copped quite a few of these, make a good Xmas gift u know what im sayin, and it’s a classic, number 1 on iTunes baby yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooo.


  12. Samir Hamid

    Yeah Super Genious……God bless you man


  13. Allen

    i new this was the remix cause i herd Him Do This @ the soul Train Awards Best Damn Remix Ever R.Kelly Is The New King of Soul


  14. rkelly the king

    The king..hands down!!!!!


  15. philly11

    All you have to remember is we are not God, and we don’t even have a right to judge because we have all fallen short. Also, it is your right to not like the man but on the other hand that doesn’t mean his music isn’t Amazing.


  16. Diem

    innocent my a**. This man is a pedophile. Want proof?? He married Aaliyah when she was only 15 years old . . . He has 27!! Google it! I wish people would stop supporting this freak! I won’t even download his sh*t for free.


  17. JJ

    @Diem, then GTFOH you bch. Haha, you wish people would stop supporting? Did u actually wish that? Get a life you low life sh!t hater. Why u search him up then, dummy.


  18. D. Kellz

    @Diem only God can judge him and when it comes to Aaliyah may she R.I.P her parents condoned it truth be told and since we always putting black people down and the white people never get talked about let’s go into Miley Cyrus being 16 and dating a 21 year old! T.I. Goes to jail but lyndsey Lohan gets off free constantly! Only God can judge this man we all like who we want and that’s life to each there own taste but instead of tearing people down let God judge them! If you don’t like him that’s ok but only God can judge him! And his music and personal life are two different things so musically I love his music personal life I don’t know him and I don’t judge people I let God do that much love everyone and love life and let God handle things.


  19. Rahel Shibabaw

    i love u R.Kelly & i love u r song wow love it. u come in my country am happy in Addis Ethiopia


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