New Music: Wiz Khalifa f/ Snoop Dogg, Juicy J, & T-Pain – ‘Black & Yellow (G-Mix)’

Black and Yellow (G-Mix)

You know what it is. The official remix to Wiz Khalifa’s Pittsburgh anthem “Black and Yellow” featuring Snoop Dogg, Three 6 Mafia’s Juicy J, and T-Pain, but no Young Jeezy as Wiz previously announced.

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  1. saio

    where jeezy?????


  2. A Realist

    I like it! And T-Pain’s verse stood out to me. Reminds me of when he did that Pop, Lock, And Drop It Remix.


  3. lnio

    damn the remix is good, but how can you stand t-pain’s singing?


  4. BoringCorin

    wiz held his own but t=pain shoulda went first cant listen to 2 bonifide hip-hop artists then listen to his shit, this songs all outta wack lol


  5. J.A

    nah this is sick yall jus hatinnn first of all jus give thanks that this sick good hip hop joint and not like those pop shit we hear everyday


  6. 1234

    fuck this shit nigga


  7. Mr Xclusive

    garbage …Tyga’s freestyle is the only good rap on this beat


  8. bknyhustle

    this whole black & yellow movement is some wack 9th grade shit..

    i hear that song and i just SMHead that that shit actually has a following….

    im trying real hard not to hate this song… its not awful, its just not worthy of any attention at all…
    Pretty much. I just don’t see the point of Wiz Khalifa’s career.

    Like, he’s not a good rapper imo.


  9. gond

    the fuck y’all sayin’ bout t-pain. He went hard out on dis one yo. Y’all jst fuckin’ haters.. The original song was jst as good as da g-mix. Dis shit is dope man. Wiz, Snoop, J, & Pain did dey thang bruh


  10. JUSJUS

    Pittsburgh all day BLK && YELLOW!!!!


  11. Gonewithewind

    @bknyhustle Damn I thought it was just me.. I remember saying that I thought that Black and Yellow shit was trash and ni99as jumped down my throat(none)like this was the 2nd coming to Illmatic or some shit.


  12. ATL_Hu$tler

    The song is ok. I was good after Snoop finished. Oh yeah, F..k Pittsburgh Squeelers.
    Go Falcons….Superbowl bound Bccches


  13. Oh Yeah

    still like the orginal better….who the hell is juicy j….and my fav part is between t-pain and wiz khalifa….tha is jus my opinion


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