Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole, and Keri Hilson Deck the Albums Chart with Debuts

Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole, and Keri Hilson

Holiday shoppers rushed home with new releases from Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole, and Keri Hilson. The R&B artists had the registers and charts ringing during Christmas week.

Jamie Foxx’s third album Best Night of My Life stuffed many a stocking and debuts at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 with 144,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The Oscar winner’s previous effort, 2008’s Intuition, entered at No. 3 with 265,000, while his J Records debut Unpredictable came in at No. 2 with 598,000 in 2005.

Keyshia Cole had Christmas shoppers Calling All Hearts as her fourth album claims the week’s second biggest debut, arriving at No. 9 with 128,000. However, she couldn’t outperform 2008’s A Different Me, which made its entry at No. 2 with 322,000.

Keri Hilson’s heavy promotion schedule pays off as her sophomore effort No Boys Allowed makes merry at No. 11 on the chart, registering 102,000 copies. The female-driven set outsold her debut In a Perfect World…, which moved 94,000 units in its first week in April 2009.

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now closes out the year at No. 1 with 276,000, followed by Susan Boyle’s The Gift which keeps giving at No. 2 (240,000). Michael Jackson’s posthumous release Michael falls to No. 5 (150,000), while Eminem’s Recovery gets boosted to No. 7 (137,000). Not far behind is Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday, maintaining its position at No. 8 for a second week (133,000). Rihanna’s Loud rounds out the top 10 at No. 10 with 111,000.

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  1. trillafood



  2. *(SHE'zADIvABUtIMtHAtBItCh)*

    …GO KERI ! ! ! ! ! !



    Terrible sales for Keyshia. She barely made Platinum with 322K+ (first week) + a hit single. Now her sales are gonna plummet. Keri can go Gold if she puts out 2 more moderate hits, and after this week noone will care for Jamie Foxx. Impressive sales from Rihanna and Nicki! But where is Kanye?


  4. YEAH

    Rihanna Reign


  5. tones

    keri only sold 102K with over 3 months of promo, hell jamie foxx and keyshai cole barely promoted their albums and they still sold more, i am still shocked that nicki and rihanna are still selling over 100k each week after 6 weeks of release. well congrats to keyshia, nicki and rihanna, even though i can’t stand rihanna’s music, she’s doing her thang right now, unlike my fav ciara, ciara, bitch u better get up and do something and this is coming from a true diehard stan of urs.


  6. YEAH

    I thought ppl said Rih sold more than Keyshia & Keri…oh I see it was just Keri


  7. Daisy

    DAMN!!!! Even keyshia sold more than Ciara…. Lmfao… But that is impressive because she sold more than Keri too!

    Impressive for nicki and riri


  8. geishagorl

    Ciara stans, Keri slayed your fave again! kmsl!


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    wow unexpected for Keri, guess her fan base is solid and growing.

    Damn @ Jamie, still got sales but, compared to the last two albums he is on a steady decline

    Good week for sales though


  10. A Realist

    Nicki is going to be platinum soon! :D She’s almost 800K now! ^_^


  11. YEAH

    the HipHop Lady Gaga keeps on SLAYING 133,000? :P


  12. Legendtina

    keyshia cole sales are gonna fall next week and week after keri has singles that are interesting keyshia got a bunch of slow stuff that ppl are not gonna be feeling. And this is not good considering keyshia did 322k last year and now it was christmas and she did way less. at least keri outsold her debut and did not go backwards. if keri would have released her album 2 weeks after december 21st then she would have made top 10 but because of christmas boost in sales everybody was buying their faves albums and downloads. cognrats keri. pretty girl rock is now top 10 on billboard r&b charts and is moving up the hott 100


  13. geishagorl

    Keyshia Cole last album came out 2 years ago, not a year ago. And it sold so much was because of her reality show. She has a good fanbase and they will support her regardless. Without a hit she still manage to sell 124k shows that so what you are saying is irrelevant.


  14. king

    rihanna is the best go buy loud ppl


  15. Kyle

    They all exceeded expectations so that’s awesome. Keri was predicted to only sell 80K and the fact that she sold six figures and outsold her debut is definitely something to be proud of. Am I the only one whose really impressed with Nicki’s sales??? It’s been in the top 10 since it dropped last month. I was predicting that it would slide out of the top 20 pretty fast while Kanye would stay in the top 10. The EXACT opposite happened. Good for her; glad to see a female rapper achieving so much success.


  16. End of 2010

    Jamie Foxx cheated if u all noticed his album was on pre order on Itunes for about a month before it released so all those pre orders were added to who buys the album the week its released thats why he was leading the whole time.


  17. YEAH

    ^ You MAD? leave Jamie alone


  18. KeNONO

    OMG NICKI!!!!!


  19. KeNONO

    Im so proud of Nicki because the haters said that she wouldnt even go gold.


  20. In it to win it

    Well Keri sold almost triple the amount ciara basic instinct sold. 102,000 is not bad for your second album and considering she sold more than her first album which did 94k first week, that says a lot.


  21. jb

    You Jamie my Texas man go go… We love that…


  22. its too easy

    Keri slays ciara once again. Oh yeah i thought ciara was gonna sell way more than keri WTF happened??? Imagine if they had both dropped the same day lmao. Ciaras time is up. You are the weakest link. GOODBYE!


  23. Chris

    1. His name should be Jamie Suxx cause his album blows.
    2. Keyshia is on a decline, she really needs to bring her a game next time. The new album isn’t her best.
    3. Keri is improving as an artist, so well done to her. The album’s great, especially the deluxe.


  24. YEAH

    Ok, I’m done bashing Ciara (pause) lol
    She obviously isn’t promoting her album.
    She always pops up on twitter saying “thanks for the free promo” when ppl throwing her shade. O_o
    So I’m assuming she doesn’t really care that much.
    So all you Ciara fans/stans have nobody to blame but Ciara #imjustsaying
    If she wanted her album to do good, she would be out there promoting it instead of hanging out at basketball & football games. #thatisall


  25. Ciara&nickiminaj fan

    I love calling all hearts and no biys allowed. I wont even listen to best night of my life because jamie is for more of the adult croud and i cant see myself getting into his music. But i love the jamie foxx show. Congrats nicki, keri, keyshia, and rihanna, and jamie i do like some of his songs.


  26. Keri

    Yes, Nicki is selling NOW, however she wont be around long. I promise you she is not Legendary material, she is right NOW, same with Drake. Of course she will go Platinum, but guarantee she wont again.


  27. Keri

    Keyshia Cole has no one to blame BUT herself. She picked that WACK single with Nicki first and people didnt respond. Thats what happens when you try to go with whats Hot for NOW!!! Stay in your own lane, you were doing so good before, now you fell off, simple as that!!


  28. Brionna

    @Keri y u hating boo …you said u GUARANTEE Nicki won’t go platinum again… very strong statement & I will hold u to that statement…You don’t see Nicki nor Drake being Legend material… you don’t have 2 see the vision we (Nicki, Drake and their fans) see the vision and u will get the picture when the vision comes to fruition and i GUARANTEE that #thatisall


  29. Keri

    @ BRIONNA…Sweety hush and STOP dreaming!! I understand you may be another Wanna BE Barbie!! But the reality is…they are NOT Legendary material..Nicki is a Lil’ Kim wanna be, and Drake is Degrassi…ENOUGH SAID!! LMAO!! And you dont even know me so you cant hold me to anything #getalife..thatisall.


  30. Brionna

    Congrats to everyone on selling records this week and a special shout out to my personal fav. Nicki Minaj


  31. Jj3310

    GO KERI!!


  32. Jj3310

    I luv keris album..my favorite song is “Beutiful mistake”


  33. bknyhustle

    gotdamn son, but nicki be collecting em bread and the crumbs man.

    *turns up volume on Moment for Life*
    *smacks the next pussie commenter*
    *scratches balls while heads to bathroom*


  34. VA 4 Life!

    SMH! I figured people use this as a way to bash Ciara
    But Ciara’s stans were annoying as hell so I don’t feel bad for THEM at all! Lol!

    Anywho, congrats to Keri! It wasn’t a top ten debut but those are still really good numbers considering she had no hits. I bought the album and I love it, I don’ think it is as good as her last, but it she has plenty of potential singles.

    Congrats to Keyshai and Jaime as well! But can’t nobody knock Taylor and Susan off their pedastal!


  35. carmen

    @keri Why do people constantly talk about what Nicki wont do later? What about what she is doing Now? If she plays her cards right, she can sustain and grow her success. A lot of people who u probably thought had legendary status, fell off. Nothing is ever promised. We never know what the future brings and everyone is only as good as their last hit period. Why predict and expect somebody’s downfall? You must be a sad person.

    Congrads to everyone. I know Kanye is somewhere in the top 15. Im glad to see some brown people in the top ten cuz months ago this same year, it was not happening. The sales look pretty decent in a recession.


  36. eurogirl

    where r the ciara stans? callin all the 37.000 ciara stans?


  37. dillon_68

    Imma stop leaving comments because I don’t want to be mistaken for a stan, lmbo. This whole Ciara, Keri, Rihanna stanning is getting ridiculous.



    [...] Source  [...]

  39. Fukahater

    LOL does this article once mention ciara? nope! So why the fuck yall on here promoting someone who you hate? First week sales are just NUMBERS Grow the fuck up, listen to the music, and shut the fuck up!


  40. Gary

    “Imma stop leaving comments because I don’t want to be mistaken for a stan, lmbo. This whole Ciara, Keri, Rihanna stanning is getting ridiculous.”

    Yeah, it’s getting boring now. I hope we can leave this all behind in 2010 and grow the hell up in 2011.


  41. mindgames

    lol @ the haters of the world pressed about keri. STAY MAD!! she didn’t flop so SUCK IT! :D


  42. nke

    congrats to keri, jamie and keyshia.


  43. Industry Chic

    I can tell that many of you do not know much about the music business. Keri’s sells were not good. Good PR slanted this story to make Keri look good and Keyshia look bad but truth be told its how much you invest in promo and trust me Keri is in the red!! as much promo as she had for a long as she had and she is not a new artist now, she should have done bigger. The only thing Keri got going in her favor is that Ciara did so poorly but Keri is not in competition with Ciara. She has to sell a certain amount compared to what is spent on promo. And Im sure “Pretty Girl Rock” is going up in the charts since she ended up adding Kanye West. She had way more promo this year than last time and she released right at Christmas. So her sales should have been much higher. Period. You all may be fooled but we industry vets know what’s up.


  44. SmoothCriminal

    Ker i bet you was one of them who was saying Nicki wasn’t going to sell pass 20k first week,then she put up that monster numbers..then you start to flip flap again crying that it was luck and she will never make gold..then she did in space of one month..then you half gave up and admit she will make Platinum..but you haven’t gave up on your hate ofter all that..you became a profit over night you saw in to the future,and predict that she will never make them numbers again…and put a time limit on her carrier and she are drake will never be legends,my grand mother always say anytime you are digging a hole for someone always did two…because the same thing you are wishing for someone the samething can happen to you..but in this case your fav artist.


  45. C.R.E.A.M

    @Daisy….umm as I recall, Keyshia always outsells Ciara. Don’t act like this is new info to you…lol.


  46. carlos

    DAmn dont need to bash at ciara and i will always support her no matter wattt! Basic instinct was the shiet dont care wat noobdy says! :)


  47. Fan Ov A Fan

    wtf o.O

    why is rihannas album at no.10 it should be no.1
    f**k taylor swift. where the f**k is kanye when you need him ?


  48. World Spinner

    Rap-Up.com || Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole, and Keri Hilson Deck the ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  49. Chunel

    I will never understand why people buy Taylor Swift’s album and Boyle’s album…..

    Oh and why people do continue to buy Rihanna??! She always does the same songs ! LOUD is nothing but big crap


  50. Trev

    Wooooow we have some haters on here

    Nicki Minaj is slaying right now. People said she wouldn’t sell more than 100,000 the first week. Now she’s bouta go platinum in less than 2months! Keep in mind this is the era where people just illegally download music. So Nicki Minaj went Platinum the first week. She proved you wrong and will continue to do so, Losers!!!

    But yes I feel bad for Ciara, that’s my girl. I don’t know what to say. Maybe she needs to go back to Polow? I like the CD. The only thing wrong with it is that there’s only 11 tracks.

    Follow me @TheTTT3


  51. Brionna

    @Keri Like i said U Guaranteed that Nicki won’t go Plat again and I guarantee she will fuck all that other shit you talking bout and for the record y would anybody want to be lil Kim and i am by no means a Barbie lol… and i said i will hold u to it cause she she does go plat AGAIN i will think about you….y cause im petty like dat #HappyHolidays


  52. carlitos

    Thata girl, Keri! You have a lot of fans. You’re a genuine artist…we’re honored to support real music. SUPPORT REAL MUSIC.


  53. king

    look Chunel u is jus a rihanna hater go buy loud ppl


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