New Music: Lil Cease – ‘Moment 4 Life (Remix)’

Lil Cease

On the original version of Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life,” Drake gave Lil Cease some shine by rapping, “Young Money the M.A.F.I.A., that’s word to Lil Cease.” The former Lil’ Kim associate takes his cue on his own remix to the tune, wedging a verse between the Young Money all-stars’ verses. Repping for his fallen associate the Notorious B.I.G., Cease-a-Leo drops a 16, expressing his wish to remain positive. “I done did so much wrong, I’m tryna do right,” he raps. Listen to Cease claim his moment below.

Lil Cease – “Moment 4 Life (Remix)”

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  1. .......

    It doesn’t sound bad but you know that other chics stans are going to run with this and try to use it as more evidence of Nicki supposedly wanting to be like her even though its pretty clear Cease jumped on this himself…


  2. Brionna

    Huh???? to the comment above but yeah his verse is cool


  3. oldschoolfool

    Kim is going to be pissed…lmao


  4. C

    This song is so fireeee it could neva do wrong!!!!!


  5. -keoshawn

    it’s alright still anit got nothin on drizzy drake team minaj all day fuckk kim she anit gotshit on the real babrie Nicki Mianj she is the Queen of hip hop kim get like her!!!!!!


  6. sam

    piece of shit that cease is….he is a cornball. whether or not he cares but his whole career is based on riding the dicks of BIG and Lil Kim and then he jumps on this record. Kim went to jail for this cornball by not snitching. He should forever be grateful. Follow the money trail right into the gutter.

    sidebar. i love this record with nicki and drake


  7. ThisIsHot

    I likey.



    There is only 1 Barbie and she is white.


  9. MARC

    When is she going to diss kim on a record with out someone else on the track?
    em, cease, keysha, busta, and whos next?
    i love nicke but she cant top Lil Kim on Black Friday!


  10. bknyhustle

    ^nicki callin out on kim directly will def give kim some relevance which nicki doesn’t wanna do, instead nicki will choose the jayz way – which is the use of subliminals to slay opponents without adding to they career. so that tels you whos in control now.


  11. Brionna

    @Marc where was the Kim diss from Nicki on this


  12. Steve

    Haha I like this Downloading.

    Lol ANOTHER thing to make Lil Kim EVEN madder…she should just give up. Sheesh. Shes been looking stupid this whole beef.


  13. FTW

    I hope nicki dont say nothing else…keep her irrelevant.


  14. babygirl

    He’s a BITCH


  15. realz

    Far rock a way more beeef!!!!!! Kim aight………..


  16. ciara is my wife

    good job lil cease it was positive nicki is way betta than kim lmfao its her time !!!!


  17. djmikeHB






  19. rhee

    Lil cease killed the joint
    that nicca been around 4 ages doe
    lol #


  20. jacoby

    lil cease is a snitch….why are yall even discussing him? @nd lil kim, who is that?


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