Video: Fergie’s Dr. Pepper Commercial


Fergie proves she knows how to chug a soda in the commercial for Dr. Pepper Cherry. The soft drink brand’s newest spokeswoman shows her love for the fruit-kissed flavor by cracking open a can and drinking the whole thing in one gulp, pulling a knotted cherry stem from her mouth. Take a sip of Fergie Ferg below.

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  1. CiaraMedlies

    girl……..she think she cute.


  2. AAA

    She’s amazingly chubby


  3. ItsOscarYO

    Almost flawless.


  4. YEAH

    still <3 u tho Lol


  5. Love All Music

    The point was…?


  6. jenniika

    Umm.. that was stupid


  7. blackguyfromNY

    the point was to be sexual…. she accomplished it….


  8. Beystanbish

    Ok so how is this gonna make me want to buy Dr. Pepper. Oh look, it’s fergie drinking dr. Pepper while being sexy pulling a cherry stem from her mouth. O_o


  9. Dan

    Shit, thought that was Kristen Johnston before i read the description! lol


  10. Brown Sugar

    She seems kinda DARK to me, just sayin!


  11. RyanS

    it is smooth ?


  12. LaMont

    WOW! She looks sexy as hell in this commercial.


  13. lindsay

    But what is


  14. lindsay

    But what is the name of the song I can’t seem to figure it out


  15. b-lip

    Fergie “Here I Come”


  16. Vince

    Great commercIAl!! Who is the rapper in the video.


  17. iCost

    A Very Beauti-FuLL woman to me !


  18. Mr.Wright

    She is Extremly sexy. all u other chicks just haters foreal. she the baddest chick alive no doubt…scratch that she is a goddess. i love her chub is that u ladies problem. who wants to be kissing a stick? smh u ladies are just haten


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