Trailer: Ne-Yo Stars in ‘Battle: Los Angeles’


Blink and you’ll miss Ne-Yo’s appearance in the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles, hitting theaters March 11. In the sci-fi thriller, a platoon of Marines discovers that a meteor attack is actually a global alien invasion taking place in modern day Los Angeles. The R&B crooner plays a soldier named Specks alongside actors Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, and Bridget Moynahan.

Ne-Yo can also be seen in the upcoming Red Tails, the story about the African-American World War II pilots Tuskegee Airmen. He assumes the role of Andrew “Smoky” Salem, a tobacco-chewing fighter pilot, in the George Lucas-directed film. “I developed a love and appreciation for the acting thing, but it will never take the place of music,” the singer-turned-actor told

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  1. Rashad



  2. ughreally

    hmm seems fun and more of a summer movie but that’ll be a good thing to go see for the slower month of March.

    Tia Mowry’s husband Cory Hardrict is in it as well. I saw him in the trailer too :)


  3. 20

    It looks good but trailer always makes the movie look better than what it is. Mechelle Rodriguez is one of my favorite actresses though.


  4. kekeluvsu

    This is going to be sooooooo goood. What is that song that thier playing once the battle begins. I really want that.


  5. Nait Phoenix

    Michelle Rodriguez is in it? Oh, then it doesn’t matter if it’s bad or good, she makes the movie worth watching!


  6. Gucci Ninja

    My favorite singer/songwriter! Ne-Yo is legend. (No doubt.) His musical talent, his voice (Compared to the late Michael Jackson), his ability to write songs, and spread the wealth to many charities! Ne-Yo now crossing over to acting to grow, what more good you ask for! TEAM NE-YO


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    WHOA this looks GOOD, very unexpected


  8. 619production

    def. will check out this movie.

    -side note- you guys/girls gotta admit this pic makes neyo look like black version of drew carrey lol


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