Keyshia Cole Reveals Dream Collaboration with Nickelback

Keyshia Cole and Nickelback

Keyshia Cole has collaborated with a who’s who in hip-hop and R&B, but she’s ready to make moves in the pop-rock realm. The “Long Way Down” songstress recently spoke on her wish list of collaborators, revealing that she wouldn’t mind laying down a track with a chart-topping Canadian rock band.

“I think that I would say for my dream collaboration, it would have to be Nickelback,” she told VEVO for its ASK:REPLY series. “I love them as a group. I truly do, and I would love, love, love, absolutely love to do a song that is very heartfelt and alternative and R&B somehow in the same light.”

She also shared that her favorite collaboration was with Kanye West on her debut single “I Changed My Mind,” which was also written by John Legend. “One of my best [collaborations was] Kanye West because the way that we came up with ‘I Changed My Mind’ was phenomenal,” explained Keysh. “[Kanye] came up with the chorus and John Legend [hadn't] debuted at the time, but he wrote the bridge for that song and I wrote the verses, so I think it was one of the best collaborations that I’ve done thus far.”

And to top it off, the bride-to-be reflected on the biggest accomplishment in her career and how she has the Queen of Soul to thank for it. “I feel that my biggest accomplishment thus far would have to be Aretha Franklin calling me personally and asking me to write her a song because she loved one of my songs featured on my second album [Just Like You], and I just thought that that was a great and amazing time for me—and a realizing time for me—about my songwriting,” she said.

Watch Keyshia answer these questions and more for VEVO’s ASK:REPLY.

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  1. @BoiWitOutAH3Art

    I Freakin Love Her!!!!!!


  2. Dave

    Un Un… she betta not mess of any songs with my favorite band/group. She can stick to her material.


  3. L.A. Baby

    Always keepin’ it real, never Fake!

    Love you Keyshia!


  4. Diego

    Lmao they probably dont even know who she is.


  5. Ann

    does someone know which was the song that aretha liked?


  6. WTF

    @Anne i think it was “I Remember”


  7. Lisa

    Why is she even famous? What do she bring to the industry? She’s not even cute.. That’s why MTV denied her she’s a nobody lol sorry her music sucks and to diss Mary j how dare she?


  8. Who Mad?

    omg when did she diss Queen Mary???

    but anyway, Keyshia is mad talented, and her first two albums especially were flawless.

    However, Nickelback is widely regarded as one of the worst bands ever lol


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