Video: Nicki Minaj Makes French Connection on ‘Le Grand Journal’

Nicki Minaj

After her assault on London last week, Nicki Minaj caught a train to Paris to sit down on French talk show “Le Grand Journal” today. The international Barb, dressed in a frilly black jacket with wavy blonde tresses, discussed everything from toning down her bad bitch image for her younger fans to waving the flag for female MCs.

“Inside I feel like a tiger, but on the outside, I look more like a little pussycat,” said a demure Nicki. “But I think that hip-hop needed a girl right now to take control, so I’ve just been doing it both, being as bad as the boys and a pretty girl at the same time.”

French fans will be able to make out the dialogue. Otherwise, break out your translator.

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  1. Kwayzee




  2. Yeah

    <333 Love


  3. Nicole

    Love her wig!


  4. Yeah

    huh? Loooooooool


  5. Olkainry

    c’etait une itw sympa, surtout avec la meuf de la météo, j’etais mort de rire !


  6. RaheemT

    great show…but damn french’s awkward sort of..


  7. Robbie

    She looks beautiful!

    I wish the French just could speak English to their English guest, is it so hard to learn English?


    Terry Reply:

    @Robbie, And it’s not haaard to speak french, c’est compris cretin!


  8. SmoothCrimninal

    keep doing you nicki,do,s nicki understand the language are is she reading of something,but if she understand them thats a great thing,anyways nicki put that album in all language,every were you hustling,international stardom,you know, keep keeping your eye on that prize,and nicki was blazing she was so beautiful here.


  9. Ghetto Fab

    @ Robbie

    Why in the hell should they be forced to speak English? They are in their own country and will speak in their native tongue. When Shakira and other non english speaking artists come to America the interviews are still given in English. You say you wish the French could speak English, but the real shade is more French can speak English than Americans can speak French. Have a seat!

    Nicki looks cute. This is good worldwide promo for her.


  10. OnlyBoy

    Nicki is playing her cards right!!!


  11. JAYE

    am i the only 1 who died laughing everytime they said “bad bitch”? lol


  12. YesMan

    Haaa the french traduction of Nicki’s verse is Awesome… Shakespeare is so far and so close at the same time……
    Nicki rules this year. Even in France…


  13. MaZ

    @ Ghetto Fab

    Amen! lol


  14. chrisbrownfrance

    Preach !
    I met Nicki today in paris
    she’s really nice with her fans , gotta love !!!


  15. cityonfiya

    is she coming to amsterdam soon?


  16. RIPKIM

    THIS IS THE MOST Randomest show everrrr lol


  17. 2011k

    Damn, she looks really pretty in that pic…I’m kinda shocked….lol


  18. bella belly



  19. From Tokyo

    @Robbie – Your ignorance is showing. Go sit in a corner and be quiet, please. For example: Japan is over 99% Japanese and people barely speak English, if at all, and so you would expect them to sit there and speak English before an audience/country full of people who don’t understand what’s being said? And it’s true that the French can speak English WAY better – and have more fluent-English speakers – than Americans can French. THE INTERPRETER SITTING NEXT TO THE GUEST is speaking English to the English-speaking guest, genius.

    Anyway, she looks great and her top reminds me of the one that Raven wore to the People’s Choice Awards (that kind of material, though they are different). She needs to come to Japan – I’d like to see that!


  20. mygirl

    love this


  21. fizzle

    Nicki knew the questions in advanced already…that’s how she was able to answer them. duh! but i cant stop laughing!


  22. Brionna

    that French is very aggravating …nb but im guessin she has in an ear piece and they are translating thr french for her …lol at her signing at 5:50


  23. vee

    people she has somebody translating the questions in her ear LOL thats why it was a pauz in between the question and her talking and nicki does look pretty


  24. Go Nicki

    Nicki Had A Translator In Her Ear, That’s How She Understood & Why She Kept Looking Down So She Could Listen To Her Translator And Not Be Side-Tracked By Them Speaking, But Yes This Was Good Promo World Wide. Keep Up The Good Work Nicki, NEXT Stop SNL”Saturday Night Live” Jan. 29th…I Believe


  25. chunel

    that interview was awful ! no interesting question for Nicki… she’s the biggest new artist out right now and the journalists cannot event ask one good question. The french public doesn’t know her as much as the us or uk one so more questions about her would have been great.
    Too bad she didn’t do a live performance too…


  26. Olkainry

    @From Tokyo

    Im sorry but Robbie is right.


  27. Olkainry


    Right beside her you got one of the biggest actor France have ever known, Alain Delon. It’s just normal that she didnt get questioned every second, he had to be interviewed too.


  28. Mouloudette

    Oh my god! love her so much!


  29. Geoffroy

    le proteger de kanye… quel bouffon ce denisot!!


  30. fab

    this girl is hottttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes make me ******************* i put her in the same categorie of sex apeal that my queen bee


  31. fab

    in french cette fille est canon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! elle me fait………………… je la met au mm niveau de sex apeal que my queen bee!!!!!!!!!!!!11


  32. Mouloudette

    ils feraient mieux de mieux ce renseigner sur leur invité.



    she shud keep her style like dis


  34. TheLuversLane

    get em @GhettoFab they don’t have sumbit to our language in their OWN COUNTRY!!! Nicki’s a superstar but she’s also a guest !!!in paris, france


  35. tiffany

    michel denisot said that in album is called ” pink” and her mentor is kanye west …. wrong!!

    but men nicki minaj is not the most popular girl in france, but in france, people like usher, chris brown, beyonce……….. are symbols of what french pupils, french young boys and girls listen all day long……

    we are open on the world…. and we have french culture too . french rap (best rap for my opinion) and french rnb. Us, we don’t have JUST american music …. it’s sick always the same…..


  36. Adele

    But she’s awasome !( my english it is good? ;) )


  37. micky



  38. chunel


    Yes you’re right but Alain Delon comes to the show like what every 2 weeks lol , everytime he does something he comes to Le Grand Journal for promotion. Nicki won’t come before a long time now so they could have asked one or twho more interesting questions. That’s it.


  39. SmoothCrimninal

    chunel you are right alot of people don,t know Nicki minaj and Alain Delon everyone over there knows him he is from there,but they could have ask nicki alot more questions so people could get a little bit more insight on her…but on the other hand i was glad she was there and people got to see her, over all it was good,she will be back there on here official tour though very soon.


  40. MaZ

    Ya que des français ici ou koi??? lol


  41. skynie

    i loved it!!! Maz tkt y a des français
    Robbie is it so hard to learn french ?


  42. FuckHaterrzzz

    she looks so pretty in this picture. keep doing your thing nicki


  43. julii3tte

    j’aiime!! nicki <3


  44. cierra

    hey nicki you my best frined rorreal girl lol…………….love you lil twiter


  45. Roman

    yesss #TeamMinaj :)


  46. Andrew

    nicki is shittin on them bitchesss


  47. alicia's a homewrecka

    yes, I’m glad someone brought up the french rappers, they run circles around the american rappers. the interview here was alright.


  48. tbib

    @Robbie, espece d’abrutis! Translate that dumbass! When we come to your country, we speak your language, and when you come to our country, you speak our language, that’s all.


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    tres interessant, merci


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