Nicki Minaj Is the Boss of Drake

Drake and Nicki Minaj

Getting a feature from Drake may not be as easy these days, but it’s no problem if you’re Nicki Minaj. Young Money’s First Lady says that Drizzy answers to her.

Nicki Minaj and Drake act out their fairy tale romance in the video for “Moment 4 Life.” When asked during an interview with MTV News how she got the Canadian rapper on the track, the bossy diva responded, “It wasn’t hard to get Drake. Drake do what I tell him to do! I’m Nicki Minaj.”

But it’s all love between the Young Money cohorts. “I love him. Out of everyone I’ve shot a video with, I was most comfortable with him,” shared Nicki. “I just always have a special place for him and he always makes me feel like it’s OK—just chill, relax, jokes. He’s someone that I look up to obviously. He kinda got a head start so he’s able to tell me things that I don’t know, and also I’m able to confide in him with things that I’m going through. We’re super, super cool.”

The pair shares a sibling-like relationship. “We have like this crazy competition, it’s like a brother and sister competition that you don’t normally get with people,” she said. “[Other artists] never kinda have that comradery that I have with Wayne and Drake that I feel like I’ma try and body you on this track but I love you to death.”

Watch them put their love affair on display in the video for “Moment 4 Life.”

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  1. OnlyBoy

    Yes indeed and the boss of kim


  2. Kwayzee

    team minaj !!!!!!!!!!


  3. Dominique

    hmmmmmm…..i’m convinced something is going on! lmao!


  4. AAA

    They are an unstopable force


  5. cubevision

    yh she probly sits on his face. cnt even rate drake such a nerd


  6. SammySezHi

    They both show the biggest googoo eyes for eachother. something is def. going on between them two. Good for her! Good for him!


  7. koolnigg

    @cubevision with a name like that u have no right to call anybody a nerd….team drake


  8. TTT

    why wasnt lil wayne on her pink friday album? i mean he singed her hes one of the reasons why shes big right now…


  9. bryxxx

    @TTT because he was in jail


  10. blackguyfromNY

    @ttt ur a dumbass…


  11. I hate love

    LOL @TTT


  12. M4L

    “Drake do what I tell him to do” lmao.

    I swear they are just perfect for each other cuz Nicki always say that she wants to be the boss in a relationship lol.



    Yes indeed and the boss of kim [2]


  14. Jenna

    Yeah Nicki jus put Drizzy back in line lmao


  15. Brionna

    Lmao at the part when she says “m Nicki Minaj” and leans in ….gotta love Nicki …
    @TTT <—-get a load of this guy smh

    I dont think their is ANYTHING between her and Drake i just dont think she sees him like that Drake is like the friend guy you just keep him n the friend zone


  16. destiny campbell

    stop getting on the TTT. dude. Lil Wayne did songs with Drake when he was in Jail. He must have a million recorded songs, he knew for months beforehand that he was being locked up. he def has a song with Nicki..maybe it was just wack


  17. Minajsecurity

    Nicki ain’t feelin drake like that. they friends

    Nicki started working on her cd later. Drake had been working on his before Nicki and already had a head start so he got some in with wayne. Wayne would have worked with Nicki if he was out.

    Nicki the boss, the Queen, the king. Bossed up Nicki.


  18. JustSayin


    u must be just as dumb as @TTT Wayne got locked before Nicki started working on her album & most artist dont like to use old tracks for there album even if they havent been heard before. Wayne wasnt locked up when Drake first started workin on his album thats why Wayne was on his album & yes we know Wayne has a million songs but when he got out of jail he started working on Carter IV because when a artist starts working on a album they want all new tracks for the album.


  19. destiny campbell

    @Just sayin..lmao Im not dumb but educated and in the music industry…Im a songwriter and submitted songs long before you knew she was even doing an you people on here talk like you know these stay positive and focus on the music.


  20. destiny campbell

    @ just saying….JUST SHUTUP BLOOD CLOT!





  22. lilbowlover

    hi nicki can i say something to you ad darke


  23. lil jaime

    u to should be together


  24. KERA



  25. The Dzunny

    is kinda of gud but nicky what do you min when you say drizzy do what you tells him to to


  26. philinder

    Guyz u jst dnt knw,wats hppnng b2ween the 2,so let’s nt judge,nd watch,wat ever nicki says on media is 4 her nd u nicki & drake,u jst meant 2 b 2gethr.


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