Christina Milian & The-Dream Fight Over Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’

The-Dream and Christina Milian

Justin Bieber is at the center of a dispute between Christina Milian and The-Dream. The former couple is engaged in a legal battle over payments from the teen pop star’s smash “Baby.”

As part of their divorce settlement, The-Dream previously agreed to pay Milian a significant amount, including 10 percent of his publishing stake in the Biebs’ 2010 hit single “Baby,” which he co-wrote with her.

According to TMZ, the “Love King” is not happy because Milian is demanding more money, including a larger percentage of the song’s earnings.

Since her attempt to renegotiate, The-Dream is trying to stop any payments to his ex, which Milian is fighting.

The former Mrs. Nash is making a concerted effort to leave the past behind, including the dress she wore during her wedding to The-Dream in Rome. “I’m cleaning house and need to get rid of my wedding dress I wore in Rome. What do you guys think I should do with it?ebay? Know of options?” she asked her Twitter followers before deciding to donate the gown.

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  1. yo

    doesnt she get paid enough


  2. LoesLove

    Money hungry flop.


  3. yh

    Christina Milian is going broke thats right…HA HA HA HA HA


  4. raphael

    @yo. I Totally agree with u. She’s jus being as better as Tiger Wood’s wife. N they’ll go broke while dream N tiger keep banking that paper.


  5. stooooopid

    @yh lol

    i think so too…why she got fight over that when she should be gettin her life 2gether find a new man and chill…


  6. MusicIsTJ_Heart

    no diss to Christina but *if true* you don’t need to be coming off money hungry like this don’t want you to be Kelis number 2.
    only positive to this story i will say is she has a right to this money cause it states she co-wrote this song also so she’s entitled to this money rightfully.


  7. Rap*

    Yall dummies she co-wrote, so i would want more money too if everybody gets more than me


  8. Drb

    If she sctually wrote it too, then she needs her money


  9. Lexx_Janay

    “i need this mon-ey” (TT voice from Set It Off) lol


  10. KLJ

    Yall don’t understand, she co-wrote the song too, which is why she want her paper!


  11. Well Damn

    @KLJ LMFAO!!!


  12. Well Damn

    @Lexx_Janay LMFAO!


  13. Joseph McCoy

    Actually, she helped write the song.. therefore she deserves as much earnings as she can get!

    If the dream is getting 40%, so should she!


  14. Arthur

    She co-wrote that song. She should be getting more than 10 percent of Dream’s profits.


  15. Ghetto Fab

    Are the first couple of folks stupid? Clearly their reading comprehension is low because the article clearly states that she “CO WROTE” the song. Pay that woman her damn coins! That song was enough of a hit to generate tons of money. All she is asking for is her cut. I don’t see why or how that is unfair. She doesn’t seem money hungry at all. If you all put time and effort into writing a smash you would want to be compensated as well.

    This is not the 1800s, nobody is a slave, and we don’t work for free!


  16. LoesLove

    She was the dumbass to ageee to the 10% in the 1st place. Dumb money hungry slut


  17. Yeah

    yall better calm down with all that Christina bashing, broke ass ppl on here!!

    pay the woman if she co-wrote it which she writes a lot of your favorite artists songs :P she definitely isn’t broke and definitely needs to get her money

    The Nightmare better chill ugly ass


  18. NoMo

    If the money she’s already received was in writin’ in the divorce decree, tnen that means she agreed to take what he offered at the time. What ever happened to “a deal is a deal”? I think now she’s just greedy and jealous!


  19. Seriously

    You people can not be serious. She co-wrote the damn song, there is no doubt she deserves more than 10% for something she put half the effort into. That poor azz excuse for a man needs to give her what’s rightfully hers. How nasty can you be by trying to stop her payments altogether. That’s the mother of his child and he doesnt even take care of her or see her. People get real, this doesnt make her money hungry, just business minded. Its obvious that most of you know nothing about it.


  20. Jackie

    I don think she money hungry I think she need her cut.


  21. Phoenix_Wright

    Well she did co-write so let her get her money

    *sing ciara* “giiirrrrls get ur money!”


  22. OG

    If she co-wrote it then she should get more than just 10 percent


  23. 49ers160

    they look like they related in someway


  24. evyuon

    Well, she should have never signed that divorce paper saying he keep the rights to everything and giving her 10% of there record….i mean he gave her 4million up front and 5000 a mont and 10 % shitn me….like jeezy said get off ya ass bitch get u a job…..


  25. Boy Wonder

    Umm that song is huge if she co-wrote it she should be getting her writers fee too! Not just ex-wife money. Handle your business Christina!


  26. ccc1990

    @evyuon, do you even have a job? Fact of the matter is what she initially agreed to was unjust, she can petition to modify or appeal the divorce decree, and I guarantee she’ll get her money.
    Plez.. the dreams worth more than 8Mill, she got less than half – $5K a month barely scratches his bank account and 10% is 40% less than the 50% she deserves.
    All you crying saying she’s money hungry blahblahblah… You’re the same ones that’ll be crying when someone fuks you over, Im sure.
    Go ‘head and fight for what you deserve.


  27. tee

    none of yall know anything. im not saying i do. but who knows how much of the song each of them wrote. none of yall know if shes really entitled to the money cause we dont know how much she actually helped. i dont like her but if she wrote more then yeah i guess she should get a cut. but nobody knows.


  28. brainiac

    you guys are some form of stupid, it says in their divorce settlement that dream agreed to pay her 10%, thus meaning she agreed to it as well. now she wants more money? thats greed my friends.


  29. the cool

    man i told yall that failed relationship wasnt all Dreams falt. that chick is a gold digger


  30. Jamie

    Ya’ll dont know anything!! This story is untrue just like her divorce settlement was untrue! She’s not a gold digger, she has her own, not as much as the Dream but she still gets paid.


  31. Jaymalls

    lmao… SUre this “Studio Jumpoff” gets paid. WHen was the last time she made a hit??? Thats what i thought… 2nd off i co-wrote plenty of songs before… n if u guys knew anything, “Co-Written” doesn’t mean u wrote half of the song… It can just mean u helped with the chorus, the theme, etc. This bitch is broke n she is looking 2 get even more money from this ugly nigga Dream.
    P.S. He was married 2 the bitch when he gave her co-writing credits dumbasses…


    Elvick Reply:

    @Jaymalls, she co-wrote many songs long before being married to The-Dream. She was a writer before she got her own albums, like a lot of artists.

    She co-wrote J-Lo’s ‘Play’ (and was still on the entire fucking chorus, uncredited) and many other songs. And for all YOU know The-Dream wrote ‘Baby baby baby oh’ and Christina wrote everything else. You don’t know, so you stfu.

    C. Milian deserves her money. You can always renegotiate a settlement if you think it ended up being unfair. He can’t just stop all payment if she tries to get more later.


  32. Timoria

    she should get her part of money, we are all human,and no one is working for salvage any more the dream. she co-wrte she also doing a main part just like you.


  33. Stake

    Excellent article! This is what Im looking for. Thank you so much, Im very happy.


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