Jennifer Lopez Finds Her Voice on New Album

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been criticized for not having the most powerful pipes, but the singer-actress says even her biggest critics will be in for a surprise when she drops her new album Love?, which boasts her best vocals to date.

The Puerto Rican mami was quick to fire back at those who claim her vocal talents aren’t up to snuff. “I’m very proud of who I am as a vocalist from where I started,” she told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. “The voice was always there, I was just so insecure about it in the beginning.”

She credits her husband for helping her find her voice. “Marc [Anthony] helped me so much because he was the one who was like, ‘You have a beautiful voice,’” she explained. “I think people are gonna be surprised with some of the vocals on this album.”

Even Anthony, a seasoned vocalist, was impressed by his wife’s pipes. “There’s even songs on this album that when he heard the demo, he was like, ‘You’re gonna sing that?’ When he heard my version, he was like, ‘Wow.’ Tears in his eyes. ‘I’m so proud of you.’”

Though J.Lo has tailored some tracks for the dance floor, including the Pitbull-assisted lead single “On the Floor,” the “American Idol” judge promises that she hasn’t forgotten her urban audience. “I always kind of play in both worlds because that’s how we grew up, so that’s always in my music,” she said. “There’s other very urbanny-type tracks on it. Don’t worry. Booty shakers, mid-tempos, feel-good [records].”

Love? will feature production from Lady Gaga hitmaker RedOne and powerhouse duo Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. “I have some Tricky and Dream stuff,” shared the sexy songstress, citing the “summer-friendly” “Run the World” featuring Dream and Rick Ross as one of her favorites.

While her seventh studio album doesn’t have a release date yet, J.Lo is already plotting a world tour following her current stint on “Idol.”

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    you know….ive heard jenny show her skills a time or two through out her career. I know she has it in her. I just hope she really brings it. And at the same time. You can have pipes but without training…you have nothing.


  2. OnlyBoy

    Jlo is about to show everyone she got what it takes! Everyone who doubted her will be shut up!!! Can’t wait!!! Show them girl!!!!!


  3. AnKkA

    D~I~V~A!! Love her & can’t wait 4 the album!


  4. Johnny

    Never agreed with people who blamed her to not have a decent voice. She always was doing a lot of performances live in her career and showed that she has a really nice and solid voice. At least she is doing her stuff live…

    Love her. can’t wait for love.


  5. Rap*

    Thats lie. Jlo barely performed live. Can fans be real at least sometimes??


  6. Dave

    Yay! Be proud of your voice, everyone has one


  7. Mr

    I have to hear this, she talking like she gona kill it vocally like Celine or mariah and the old whitney but she is one of the best performers she up there with janet and beyonce


  8. guardian angel

    I heard her live one time on snl and she sounded AMAZING
    Shell bring it…most def!!!!


  9. J

    She’s no Mariah or Whitney, but she can sing. She always could, but she always felt insecure because people used to shut her down. She eventually learned to work and control her voice and not pay mind to any of the haters.


  10. Dein

    Yeah right. Ya’ll are so phony. Know damn well she is not a vocalist. Get real. Please don’t mention Whitney and Mariah in the same sentence. Jennifer is beautiful no doubt, but come on. I have heard 2 songs off this new album and she sounds the same. Maybe she means the deeps cuts. Of course she will sound better now. She is under LA Reid he has Rep to keep up. He rep for Toni, Whitney, Mariah, and Janet. So she may pull it off this time. But, please don’t act like she is gonna just kill on the vocals. I do think she is an amazing artist, but vocally? No way. Sorry it’s true. And JLo fans dont get mad, because you know deep down it’s true.


  11. harvey

    J.Lo got it she can sing almost any tune if she puts her heart in it thank god she got kids & her hubby by her side.


  12. Liamvoic

    Yes she’s no Whitney Houston but when she sings she sings with a lot of passion and that’s rare.


  13. Diamond

    She needs Ashanti, Natasha, and Christina for background.


  14. ash

    I’m so excited for this Album!

    I hope she gets a good opening act, and this tour rocks!

    Can’t wait!


  15. steve

    I know she had a voice from the get go. It’s just that she is more focused on dancy songs that she never really got to use them. “What is love” is a definite prove that she can sing surely


  16. jlobigestfan

    what is love,,, has the emotions an that makes it great love her more


  17. manfan

    her voice is so much better than rihanna. and rihannas a hit maker so she can be too!


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