New Music: Tyga f/ Pharrell, Snoop Dogg, & Game – ‘Really Raw’


Compton’s Tyga shows his West Coast pride on “Really Raw” featuring Pharrell, Snoop Dogg, and Game off his sophomore album Careless World. With The Neptunes on the horn-powered tune, the Young Money rapper boasts about his carefree lifestyle, watching porn on an iPad and pushing a sports car.

“It’s that raw for them Crippas, Pirus, and strippers/ Homie you could tip her but I already get her/ Had her, then I did her, same chick, ain’t no different/ Ain’t no fun if the homies can’t hit it,” he spits.

Listen to Tygaman show some California love.


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  1. Yeah

    it’s ok


  2. @BoiWitOutAH3Art

    Caliiiiii! Tyga Iz Dope!


  3. ReallyRaw

    im rly hopin Tyga will get his chance to blow up.. like the other ym royalty


  4. fidelix

    i’m finding it hard to get it with all the singles he’s released from his upcoming album (all done by pharrell(neptunes)not impressed by any of the singles yet.i hope his debut album doesn’t flop !!!
    i think he needs to try sum other producers for beats ,enough of the neptunes already!


  5. JustSayin


    Those songs aren’t gonna be on the album this is first official single.


  6. mallen

    lol all u people who say u ‘wish tyga would blow up’ are stupid, once he does blow up, u jus gona turn on him, like wiz n drake


  7. aton88

    Nothing bad to say really..I’m actually impressed that everyone came correct..


  8. Bohemia Cannabia

    This shit needs a southern comfort, deep base line added to it and it would bang. but the way it is comes kinda weak!


  9. Neickha

    pshhh What THIS IS HOT! If you know the Neptunes/N.E.R.D than you would understand…. And Game sounds like nas at some parts.


  10. TalkofSTL

    The Game is not on this track. Thats NAS aka California Nas. This track is super dope!!


  11. yin-and-yang

    “watchin pornos on the ipad is really raw” lmfaooo wtf thts mah nikka xD


  12. Arturo

    this is my shit. fuck all you haters


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