Eve Switches Up Hair for Film Screening


Who’s that girl? It’s E-V-E, who rocked a short ‘do with blonde highlights at the Cinema Society screening of Vanishing on 7th Street at Beauty & Essex in New York City on Monday (Feb. 7). After exiting Interscope Records for EMI Music, the pit bull in a skirt promised that her oft-delayed album Lip Lock would arrive this year. While we wait, check out more pics of Eve looking sexy in the city.

Eve Eve Russell Simmons and Eve

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  1. B.C.G.G.G

    She’s been gone for way too long– If she aint on the same level or better than Nicki Minaj she don’t have a chance-stick to the movies eve


  2. fizzle

    ^^^^^^*side eye* child plz! people didn’t fall in love because she was the best, we fell in love with her & her music because he creative way of expressing it, just as any other artist does. Ridiculous how you have to be the best to get notice. There is such a thing called a solid fan base. I love me some Nicki Minaj but I’m stick of ppl putting her name in everything that NOTHING to do with her.


  3. fizzle

    Eve you look gorgeous!


  4. DRB

    I’m curious about her actual hair. From her first album, it looked damaged in the mini fro so permanently?


  5. qbal

    i feel u fizzle stop comparing other female artist to nicki minaj i love her.. all is well but i still got love for the girls who was out b4 her its room for err body iight


  6. From Tokyo

    She looks great – no surprise there!


  7. KJW22

    Eve is a rap veteran & while I love Nicki would give her some competition which could only help BOTH of their music.


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