Beyoncé to Headline Glastonbury Festival


Following in the footsteps of her husband Jay-Z, Beyoncé is set to headline England’s Glastonbury Festival this summer.

The five-day music event, billed as the largest green-field music and performing arts festival in the world, will play to an audience of around 200,000, on Worthy Farm, Pilton, in South West England at the end of June. The world-renowned superstar will be the headliner on the final day of the festival on Sunday, June 26, performing a 90-minute set on the Pyramid Stage.

“This really is the biggest festival in the world and I cannot wait to perform there. Everyone who attends is really appreciative of music and is in such a good mood that entire weekend,” said Beyoncé. “I’m pumped just thinking about that huge audience and soaking up their energy.”

Mr. Carter came under fire from Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher when he was tapped as the first hip-hop artist to headline Glastonbury in 2008. Mainly known for its rock acts, the festival has featured past appearances from Snoop Dogg, N.E.R.D., and Amy Winehouse.

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  1. OnlyBoy

    Setting to come back! Love u bey!!!


  2. Music Lover

    Yassssssssssss BEyonce is the first black woman is headline Glastonbury

    History babay, History!


  3. CARLA

    I wish i could go….


  4. jamie

    OH MY GOD !!!!!! this is fucking huge … first female ever to headline at glastonbury…. she will probably have some new material to perform too …. shes gonna fucking KILL this …. love u queen B


  5. rinaboo

    I still love you nothing can ever change that. Been banging B since the diaper days lol


  6. EnBee

    Queen Bee’s gonna pack some sting! Can’t wait her performances are always flawless!! ^_^


  7. TeamTM

    The first female singer aswell;Sasha is doing big things her big mama :)


  8. Tiffany

    start handing over your weaves bitches b is about to sting


  9. Mya

    She the First Female to HEADLINE


  10. HitTheFloor-PlayEr

    Beyoncé is the RnB-Queen she can do all..
    i like her songs shes so powerful and sexy she has a energy in her voice damn its very good… !!!! This Is A Woman .. Oh Yesss


  11. Ciara&KeriHilson

    hmm.. i hope she perfom a new song there.. can someone tell me when will she release a new song?
    > Keri Hilson
    > Ciara
    > Beyoncé <3


  12. jamie

    this is MASSIVE for her , i reckon this means new music just before shes due to perform , maybe a indie / rock influenced song for her to perform ?? either way she will perform new music and of course all her classics , first female ever to headline this HUGE festival , wow Queen Bee !!!! well on her way to iconic status .. making history all the time …… CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS she is going to SMASH it !!!!!


  13. Beystanbish

    People are already being negative saying she doesn’t belong there. They did the same with Jay and he rocked it. Oh well this means new music in June. Yas.


  14. Charlie

    Wow, this is a sad day in Indie Music…. whats next Justin Bieber at Coachella?


  15. santana aka sanman

    whats up ever body this from tha a town anderson in mob gd 74


  16. WTH

    The Queen is about to snatch some red wigs…




  17. AA


    hopefully new music!!!



  18. QUEEN B

    Yeah B, rock that stage! :D

    Can’t wait for your album!!!


  19. Reddboi*Stan4Bey

    Yassssssss!!!! The Queen is coming bak! I need some summer ride out music anyways!!!!! #lehgo




    I can’t at the crap music that her peers are releasing…



  21. bEY

    Yes bey :D can’t wait to watch the performances

    You are the best!

    Best performers ever:

    1. Beyoncé
    2. Sasha Fierce



  22. Breezy

    look at her boobs sexy


  23. From Tokyo

    She’s too pretty for that terrible makeup! It always seems so pale and makes her look old.


  24. Heminem

    That is like the best photo ever


  25. Toni

    Music speaks to the masses, Love what Jay-Z & Beyonce
    are doing, why not….it’s more than music it’s a movement.


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