Video: Eminem Performs at Grammys with Rihanna, Dr. Dre, and Skylar Grey

Rihanna and Eminem

Eminem brought out the big guns for his Grammy moment, enlisting a star-studded cast of performers. Rihanna kicked things off with her first appearance of the evening, singing “Love the Way You Lie (Part II),” where she was backed by Maroon 5′s Adam Levine on the keys. The Bajan singer threw it to Eminem for their joint hit, transitioning into “I Need a Doctor” where Dr. Dre emerged to join up with Skylar Grey for her debut performance.

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  1. king

    even know Rihanna was sick she still sounded good


  2. Ivan;vaan

    The best of the night


  3. Yeah



  4. dat dude!

    The best performance of the night! And ri sounded great for havin bronchitis

    But on a side note the grammys are full of it for givin EM 2 awards out of his TEN!!!! He deserved very one especially “Album of the year”…smh



  5. Heminem

    Best grammy performance ever. Nearly brought me to tears!


  6. mistwalker

    looks like they put a ton of make up on dre face 2 help him look younger great performane from enimem, rihanna sounded really off 2 night but she held her own nowww dr dre realese detox alerady!!!


  7. that dude

    Rihanna is garbage looks like wilma flinstone with that bright red hair Rihanna=epic fail


  8. Trina

    Hey. Eminem was great and so was Rihanna and Dr. Dre, but what about that Skylar Grey. She’s a talent. Singer, songwriter and actually a really nice person. Wish she would have gotten a Grammy for her song.


  9. chase

    Eminem great as usual. Mick Jagger rocked too! But most of you on here probably don’t have a clue who he is. lol


  10. Giamma

    Riri <3


  11. MileStoneCoins

    Did you notice Eminem’s recovery bling.


  12. girl20

    i loved this performance it was the best of the night!


  13. damn

    damn skyler grey can SING….no edited booth bullshit she can belt it live


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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  15. LoeLoe

    Best performance of the night. Eminem and Dre killed it. Well done.


  16. Wayne

    Eminem atleast deserved album Of The Year! he’s been cheated, again!


  17. EmsFaveFan



  18. 2XCL

    Skylar sounded great but she could have chosen some better PANTS to wear. Those looked like pajama bottoms!!


  19. Shady

    To be honest, Empire State Of mind was to old imo, I know the rules but still.. But I do think Empire state deserved a grammy! Eminem should have got more then 1..


  20. Rap*

    DAMN. Im impressed by Riri. Im a fan and i know, she can sing but her vocals were great and she controlled her voice. YEAH


  21. TRA

    Well, I’m glad that Eminem won Best Rap Album, but I am glad he lost Album of the Year. I didn’t think Eminem had the best rap album in 2010, I thought Big Boi, Rick Ross, and Kanye West put out better rap albums than Eminem. Kanye West was not eligible for the Grammys this year, since he released his album too late in November. Big Boi, and Rick Ross both had albums that were cricital acclaimed, but both failed to get nominations. The Grammy committee were wrong for not nominating Big Boi, and Rick Ross this year. The only reason why I’m happy Eminem won Best Rap Album was because I felt his compeition in his category were not that much better. But Arcade Fire deserved their Album of the Year over Eminem. It’s not always about who sells the most records, it’s about who puts out great music. Recovery was a good selling album, but I doubt people will remember Recovery 10 years from now. Until this day, if you ask most unbiased music fans what is Eminem’s best album, most honest fans will say The Marshall Mathers LP is Eminem’s best album. Eminem won two grammy awards, so he should be alright.


  22. jrellamiller



  23. CMA179

    If Arcade fire Truly deserved the award they would have outsold Recovery.


  24. Neickha

    My other favorite performance of the grammys. When Em brought out Dre. I was so happpyyyyyyyyy!!!


  25. marlis

    Exceptional artistic performance, sound, collaboration, and effects! This song tells a story of intense pain, regret, deniel, and deception on the lady. (can relate)


  26. Toya

    Definitely one of the best performances of the night. The transition between the two songs was well timed. It was a really a high energy for Em, with the veins in his neck and forehead present the whole time. I was a little surprised to see him in the audience for Best Rap Album.

    I noticed the change in neckwear. It was different seeing other than Proof’s “P” or the cross he favorites.


  27. Natalie

    Just WOW!!!!!!!!!!


  28. Cocopops

    Did you see Eminem’s wicked face all through, he’s not laughing et al….


  29. cassandra

    em deserved alot more awards, he shouldve recieved at least 8 of the 10… Esperanza? and that other group kept winning all night, who even were these people ?:S Real artists should have won!!!


  30. cassandra

    to TRA… i never even heard of arcade fire? :s i dont even understand how they won.. Your telling me you wont remember Recovery in 10 years because i definitely will, hell i still remember his first album infinite and i still jam out to it, eminem’s music will NEVER get old, arcade fire on the other hand will not be remembered…at the end of the grammys when they were about to perform everyone was getting up and started walking out the door and the lead guy said “it’s alright you dont have to stay” goes to show how much people really like them if they didnt even want to listen to them do their thing ahhaha EMINEM has real talent! HIP HOP FOR LIFE!


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    [...] via [...]

  32. Martin

    The Best!


  33. Pinoy

    Wow best performance period.

    The legendary doctor came out with a big bang.


  34. DetoxIsComingReallyFast (Dre produce something plz)

    em disappointed again. Dres performance was tight n Skylar was good on the hook but em just yelled. it works some places (LTWYLII, Ending of the verses of INAD where he says dre come back…) but not everywhere. he shd listen to his old tapes n see how he used to kill everything then


  35. NostraBella

    Wooow Skylar Grey the new artist, sing gorgeous. is Wonderfull!!! I need a doctor almost cry. (:


  36. blackguyfromNY

    i like how they concealed skylar, to make people wonder about her more, these grammy performances were flawless great night…………


  37. guyfromLA

    Skylar Grey is HOT!!!


  38. fromdetroit

    Eminem should have won for best album/record of the year, these others pale in comparison


  39. Lenka

    Eminem was the Best of the Night! Unconditionally!


  40. Llandel

    Rihanna is 1 hot performer no doubt about that every time she sings its like everything comes to life, Eminem is unstoppable period!
    I just hope they make a music video for “Love the Way You Lie” pt. II, I can’t wait for Detox & Skylar’s Grey album!


  41. maya

    Rihanna RUINED it but everything else was great :)


  42. ali

    nice & goodlyyyyyyyyyyyy………


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