Video: Janet Jackson Talks to Piers Morgan About Love, Family, & Childhood

Piers Morgan and Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson sat down with Piers Morgan and no subject was off limits. The soft-spoken singer, who is promoting her book True You and “Number Ones” world tour, opened about about collecting skulls, her love/hate relationship with food, self-esteem issues, infrequent contact with her father, fond memories of her brother Michael, wanting to start a family with ex-boyfriend Jermaine Dupri, her “diva” sister La Toya (“I think my sister is very grand”), and being at a happy place in her life. Watch their candid conversation below.

Part 3

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  1. Lisa

    She’s such a gorgeous woman inside and out.


  2. wow

    i agree, we do have several different characters living inside us and it all depends on who we interacting with that that character comes out at that moment. wow, Janet is an amazing and hot! lol.


  3. mafriks

    janet, why can’t you cover your BREASTS for once?? though your sexy, attimes you don’t have to show them all the time!! your age doesn’t allow it!!!!!


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  5. Nadu

    Pierce is soooooo flirting with her!!


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