Chris Brown Entertains at Snoop Dogg x adidas All-Star Event

Chris Brown

Chris Brown captivated partygoers during NBA All-Star Weekend by performing his hits at adidas and Snoop Dogg’s party at The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday (Feb. 19). Breezy, dressed in a leather jacket, white bow tie, and L.A. Kings hat, danced to “Yeah 3X” and brought Busta Rhymes to the stage for “Look at Me Now,” both singles off his forthcoming album F.A.M.E.

Miguel delivered a glowing performance, Run-DMC’s DMC kicked it old school, and the evening’s host Snoop welcomed out-of-towners to his hometown as Game, Chaka Khan, and Cee Lo Green looked on.

[Rap Radar via The Source]

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  1. zania

    OMG, I love this song, i was waiting to see them perform it live. Chris did great and Busta killed it.


  2. Cath

    Leggo Breezy!


  3. Lya

    Chris Brown’s SMILE =) OMG! PERFECT!!


  4. No ma'am

    Chris Brown is soooooooooooo fine! Geez!


  5. Naya

    Busta straight up killed it and Chris well what can I say? Breezy always delivers FAME March 22nd let’s go Teambreezy lol


  6. No ma'am

    Okay I watched the vid. Breezy gettin it!


  7. nicole



  8. Lisa

    Busta kilt it!!!


  9. melody

    I love Chris Brown so much. He so excellent is all he does. He killed it on this song.


  10. The Beast

    Oh damn that did not just happen!!!

    Lmao I think Busta’s hand motions in his verse are completely involuntary because he is just kicking so much ass.


  11. Young Breezy Fan

    Ok Chris For A Singer Is Doing Better tHan Most Rappers not Naming N e one Specifically (Gucci)…..And Busta Rhymes Oh LORD!!!! He Should be In Prison Bcos He Kills It!!

    Ha The Version With Weezy…Is Weird One Moment Wayne Is Talking Bout People Not Eating And then The next Sushi…And 5….And He’s Daddy Being Gay…its Like Ok Do You even Remember What the Song Is About?? (Talk About Going Of Topic)


  12. star

    chris brown in this track is amazing and i love it.. i love chris brown soooo much!!!!!


  13. Keesha

    Chris’ faces that he was making in this video were hilarious!


  14. Uh Yezzirr

    Wow No negative comments about chris brown yet im Shocked! CB killin em


  15. babygirl

    Love Busta


  16. Nick

    So good to see Chris brown back at an HAPPY!!! I’m also glad there’s no negative comments for a change!!! F.A.M.E babbyyyy


  17. Amy

    Wooooooot wooooooot Chris brown is back babyyy ! Team Breeeezy all the wayyyy !!!! <3


  18. Nyamal gatluak

    i love it so much Chris brown is really sexy


  19. King Makers

    Fabulous Performance, its unreal sometimes to know that he is only 21yrs, very confident and bold on stage, never shy to be himselve! wow, thats intimidating plus he knew every word to busta’s rap damn.


  20. Phoenix_Wright

    Man Busta!!!! I can’t get enough of his part


  21. ellis

    true definition of a star,cool breezy.


  22. mt



  23. johnson

    teambreezy all hail cb so happy 4 him is makin it, just tryin to rap it gud.


  24. simelybreezy

    too cool to dope breezy have swagg



  25. SandeePB

    Chris Brown does it again. Always doing GREAT :)


  26. nicole

    loveeeeeeeeee Cbreezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. kiki

    Even though I don’t like this tune performance was excellent , chris and busta looking good i also loving what chaka khan and snoop be rcking :)


  28. King Makers

    Didn’t know J.Cole was a fool too, i wonder what goes on the the Roc Nation’s camp, probably the once instigating hate all over the place. Listen to that interview with rap up tv from 1:12, its suspiciously similar to those haterz catch phrases. I really hope i am wrong


  29. crazy chica

    I love chris like the next person but Why in the hell is chris using those feminine hand movements lmao but I fucks with this track.


  30. suellen gabrielle

    soh tem pra rihanna ela arrasou no grammy eo eminem tbm adroo vcs lindos!!!♥


  31. vladica07

    Breezy is so damn hawt!


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