New Music: 50 Cent – ‘The Paper (I Get It)’ [Freestyle]

50 Cent turns the lights down low on his latest freestyle “The Paper (I Get It),” produced by Doe Pesci. The soul-inspired jam touts a gushy beat and boastful rhymes about having fatter pockets than the average rapper.

“Take a hit of this, this is what I’ve been cookin’/ Perfect product, customer good lookin’/ This trip, this flip, I’ma get the count right/ Do my numbers, man, why y’all bank account light?” he raps.

The freestyle marks the seventh in 50’s ongoing series, which he celebrated by tweeting, “Lucky #7.”

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  1. Thatisall

    Dear 50 Cent,

    Your new headphones are ugly and cant compete with Beats By Dre. #Okbye


    Milzbenice Reply:

    @Thatisall, Haterade prices have dropped I see ayy
    Lol his headphones just the company stock is selling
    Like crazy and just imagine the product it self, it has better
    Features than the dre beats and they are using us army advance technology for the wireless set carbon fibre surface so before you talk ish do your research nikka


  2. dankingkemp

    I’m a huge fan of Timbo and Swizz, but maybe, these are better than both of those,,,, Maybe these Songs are Better than those Song, Those Monday and Thursday Releases,,, and these are Freestyles, Music is Bizarre Currently..)dk


  3. blackguyfromNY

    its not freestyle. im not hating, im a huge fan of 50 but, you cant freestyle this well and you have a chorus for it too. nope. also ther is no need to lie either.


  4. Milzbenice

    Thatisall is such a hater lol too much haterade
    Down where your from lol the headset haven’t been
    Released and the company has stocked 76% return in
    Share equity and the headphones will ship globally on a platinum rate that’s a mil headset just outside the us do your
    Research before you open your hole, talk so much shit you shit out of your mouth and talk out of your ass lol


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