Lupe Fiasco Lands First No. 1 Album

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco is beaming. The Chicago rapper has scored his first No. 1 album and best sales week yet with his third LP Lasers, which debuts atop the Billboard 200 chart.

The “Show Goes On” MC managed to sell 204,000 copies in his first week, the most units throughout his career despite label drama and his indifference toward the populist record. His last album, The Cool, bowed at No. 15 with 143,000 in 2007, while his debut Food & Liquor entered at No. 8 with 81,000 sold the year prior.

Elsewhere, Marsha Ambrosius slides from No. 2 to 8 with her debut Late Nights & Early Mornings, selling an additional 41,000 units. Justin Bieber also takes a hit with Never Say Never: The Remixes, which drops from No. 4 to 9 (40,000).

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  1. Diamante

    He desrves it!!!! Lasers, we did it!!!!


  2. t

    Congrats Lupe


  3. 40aintthenew20

    welcome back baby. you deserve it.


  4. Cass

    It was only natural, L.A.S.E.R.S. is the truth!


  5. jimscreechie

    Congrats to Lupe…………….long time.


  6. ALLEN

    congratssssss well deserved


  7. Mr. Ventura

    Its funny how u didn’t say who he took the #1 spot from , hmm…I guess


    Thandi Reply:

    @Mr. Ventura,
    He took the spot from Adele ‘s 21…shed bn there for 3weeks!:) love her! Bt congrats to Lupe,dude came soaring in!:)


  8. speechless

    congrats to him



    we did it …
    illuminati couldnt stop.


  10. Lovely

    ” Not too smart and you can be a superstar,
    And if you dumb it some maybe you can be #1″

    - State Run Radio – Lupe Fiasco – Lasers

    Damn he just proved himself and Atlantic records right by dumbing his album down. Sad but I’m still happy for the man. Now onto F&L II.


  11. DRB

    Is madame Adele not important enough to mention *shocked and appalled*


  12. Kyle

    Lupe definitely deserves to have a #1 album in his career. So glad he accomplished this and hopefully this propels him to keep making music for years to come. GO LUPE!!!


  13. Lisa

    That’s what I’m talking about! He deserves it.


  14. GRRRR


    And thank you to all the fans for being by his side. I really didn’t see this coming, perhaps he didn’t either but his work is finally paying off.


  15. unplugged

    look…lupe deserves to be number one……but he had to sell out in a way to get that spot. i mean lupe couldnt even put his stamp on his OWN album…saying his indifferent….i mean really…i think “the COOL” and “Food and Liquor” were doper than this effort.


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